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Our next news:rewired conference takes place on Tuesday 3 February 2015 at MSN HQ in London (Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL).

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Here is a list of our delegates who are attending so far:

Gabrielius Vaicaitis@gvaicaitis, sales executive, Infogram

Eila Madden, @EilaMadden, group editor, Bladonmore

Lizabeth Hannaford, @LizHannaford, multimedia journalism lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Rhys Griffiths, @rhysdgriffiths, digital and social editor, The Football League

Pooneh Ghoddoosi, @poopoosh, senior trainer, social media, BBC

Chris Hamilton, BBC News

Sarah Cottle, @sarahcottle, global editorial director, Platts

Alex Milner, senior producer, BBC

David Ferguson, @davidferg, managing director, Ferguson Media

Deborah Kelly, @deborahkellytv,  Notts TV coordinator, Nottingham Trent University

Bethan Jinkinson, BBC World Service

Peter Picton, @petepicton, editorial director, Trinity Mirror

Shaun Milne, @milnemedia, Milne Media

Nigel Vincent, @newsnigel, head of content,  Newsquest Digital Media

Alan Marshall, Press Association

Ashley Broadley, Press Association

Peter Clifton, Press Association

Dens Milne, @PhysicsWorld, associate editor, IOP Publishing Ltd

Robin Britton, head of news, ITV

James Thompson, CEO, Myriad Global Media

Karin Fjell, @karinfjell, editor in chief, Teknikføoretagen

Nicholas Fielding@chinaoutlookmag,  editor, China Outlook

Melanie Gardiner, @melgardiner, freelance journalist

Camila Reed, @xreutersCamilaR, director, Tavares Media Ltd

Corinne Podger, @corinne_podger, content manager, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Rupert Bowater, @RupertLB, Binary Vision

Louise Hosie, @louisehosie, social media producer, BBC World News

Gay Flashman, @g_flashman, CEO, Formative

Warren Chrismas, @warrenchrismas, managing editor BT.com, Press Association Ltd

Danai Dimitrakopoulos Diz, @dizdanae, MA student, University of Westminster

Rachel Oldroyd, acting managing editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Rosa Ryou, British Council

James Clasper, @jamesclasper, Newzulu

Roman Imielski, @romanimielski, managing editor, Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza

Zbigniew Pendel, @Zibi_Pen, Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza

Stefan Kolgen, @skolgen, coördinator, C.H.I.P.S. Labo

Anna Nagle, @annalewcock, chief online editor, Nature

Sarah Laitner, @sarahlaitner, communities editor, Financial Times

Andrew Matthews, CMS support manager, British Council

Hazel Yule, digital content producer, British Council

Lucila Pererya-Murray, @LucilaPmurray, British Council

Shakia Stewart, British Council

Carlo Felice Dalla Pasqua, @carlofelice, editor, Il Gazzettino

Rachel Extance, @RachelExtance, digital editor, Cambridge News

Rolf Hieringer, @rolfhieringer, SRF

Mark Jones, @markjones, global communities editor, Reuters News

Malin Rising, @malinrising, editor, Associated Press

Richard Woodward, deputy newswire editor, Press Association

Harry Foges, @harryfoges, editor in chief, BT

Richard Aucock, @richardaucock,Motoring Research

Stephen Hull, @stephenbhull, editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post

Richard Franklin, Bible Society

Matt Cooper, Bible Society

Sally Eyden, @sallyeyden, Time Inc

Victoria Kennedy, @vixkennedy, Time Inc

Caroline Millington, @showbizmillie, Time Inc

Julia Bicknell, @juliabicknell, World Watch Monitor

Andrew Green, World Watch Monitor

Steve Wilson-Beales, @stevewbeales, Global Radio

Charles Ubaghs, @charlesubaghs, Global Radio

Evalyn Lee, @evalyn7, Novelist

Biserka Anderson, @bisanderson, University of Strathclyde

Dan Rigden, @reNews_, Renews Limited

Nicola Roberts, Renews Limited

Seb Kennedy, Renews Limited

Kathryn Geels, @girlondon, programme manager, Nesta

Ulf Gruener, @ulfgruener, journalist/trainer, Swiss Radio and TV (SRF)

Coral Summers, Tempero

Betony Kelly, @betonykelly, head of digital outreach, department for business, innovation and skills

Sarah Brealey, @sarah_brealey, British Heart Foundation


More to follow…



People who attended previous news:rewired events share their views

“Dear colleagues – why were you not here?” – Gary Harvey, Virgin Media

“Informative, educational and entertaining” – Colin Watkins, Channel 4

“Really helpful and inspiring” – Harriet Patience, Redactive

“news:rewired is essential for anyone trying to make their way in online journalism” – Sarah Booker, The Argus

“A great way to network and keep your finger on the online pulse” - Malcolm Bradbrook, University of Gloucester

“Leaves you with food for thought and practice” – Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship

“news:rewired is a great place to gather ideas, inspiration and meet like-minded people” – Helen Roxburgh, Economia

“Great day, great speakers, very good value for money” – Julian Fisher, Markettiers4DC

“As always high quality and quality content” – Gabrielle Laine-Peters, freelance consultant

“A useful brainstorming on next digital challenges in journalism” – Michela Di Carlo, Gambero Rosso Holding