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Our next news:rewired conference takes place on Tuesday 3 February 2015 at MSN HQ in London (Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL).

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Delegates to the last news:rewired included:
Adam Waters, @waters_adam, head of digital, Forces TV/BFBS
Rhys Griffiths, @rhysdgriffiths, social content manager, The Football League
Marc Cooper, @MarcCooperUK, The Football League
Harry Foges, @harryfoges, editor-in-chief, BT
Hari Patience, Redactive Publishing
Jeremy Walker, @jwalkerpress, chief executive, NewsFixed
Ishani Bechoo, @IBechoo, magazines manager, RNIB
Charles Ubaghs, @charlesubaghs, head of social media, Global Radio
Natalie Sadler, @Noodles13, digital editor, Archant Ltd
Yasmine El Rafie, @yasmineelrafie, development editors for social media, Sveriges Radio / Swedish public radio
Joakim Johansson, @JoakimJ, development editors for social media, Sveriges Radio / Swedish public radio
Per Palmqvist, @Tummyboy, development editors for social media, Sveriges Radio / Swedish public radio
John Buckley, @hypernetec, Freelance
John McHugh, @johndphoto, Freelance
Louisa O’Reilly, @lifeoforeilly, executive assistant, Campbell Brown PT Ltd
Andrew Burge, chief executive, iSubscribe
Catherine Gill, @catgill, digital editor, Archant Herts & Cambs
Steven Wilson-Beales, @stevewbeales, Global Radio
John Cary, @A2JohnCary, head of accreditation, NCTJ
Nicola Irwin, @nci1, Press Association
Warren Chrismas, @warrenchrismas, managing editor, BT.com, Press Association
Andy Jackson, @andy_j_jackson, news editor, BT.com, Press Association
Anthony Sheehan, @anthony_sheehan,  founder, Near You Now
Rachel Berry, editorial officer, Diabetes UK
Angela Coffey, editorial manager, Diabetes UK
David Holmes, @spikefodder, lecturer in journalism studies, Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield
Catherine O’Connor, @journochat, head of journalism, Leeds Trinity University
Katherine Blair, @canadiankath, Leeds Trinity University
Sophie Warnes, @sophiewarnes, Freelance
Celeste Biever, @celestebiever, chief online editor, Nature
John Crowley, WSJ
Frederic Simon, EurActiv
Daniela Vincenti, EurActiv
Aline Robert, EurActiv
Daniel Tost, EurActiv
Matt Hawker, EurActiv
Richard Williams-Jones, @rlwjones, lecturer and admissions tutor, Journalism and Media, University of Huddersfield
Caroline Pringle, @CaroP, senior lecturer in Digital and Practical Journalism, University of Huddersfield
Luke Davis, @MrLukeDavis, communications manager, Education, UCL
Jenny Wong, @jenny_wong, project manager, CNN
Tara Kelly, @tarakelly, digital producer, CNN
George Webster, @george_web, lead digital producer, CNN
Mark Tutton, @mark_tutton, digital producer, CNN
Nigel Vincent, @newsnigel, head of content development, Newsquest Media Group
Karl Schneider, @karlschneider, editorial development director, Reed Business Information
Steve Bustin, @steveinbrighton, stevebustin.com
Maria Ahmed, senior lecturer in journalism, Kingston University
Sally Ballard, @sallyballard, editor of World Review and GIS, News Horizons
Lawrence Sear, @LawrySear, editor of World Review and GIS, News Horizons
Catherine-Emma Ellis, @Cat_E_Ellis, managing editor, Future Publishing
Julia White, @Julia_White, showbiz and lifestyle, Yahoo
Simon Garner, @Sigar01, news editor, Yahoo
Lorraine King, Archant
Kate de Pury, @katekochkarev, live news editor TV, ThomsonReuters
Lyn Whitfield, @LynWhitfield , managing editor, EHealth Media
Martin Ashplant, @mashplant, digital and social media director, City AM Ltd
Liane Katz, @LianeKatz, director, Liane Katz Consulting
guy Campos,, freelance
Beth Ashton, @BethAshton, social media editor, Manchester Evening
Martin Nicholls, @MartyandBells, head of editorial, Office for National Statistics
Sarah Laitner, @sarahlaitner, communities editor, the Financial Times
Maija Palmer, @maijapalmer, Financial Times
Abbie Scott, @scott_abbie, Financial Times
Julia Bicknell, @juliabicknell, editorial director, World Watch Monitor
John Baron, @johncbaron, lecturer, Hull School of Art and Design
Caroline Winter-Jones, @theBMA, head of member engagement, British Medical Association
Yann Tessier, @y_tessier, senior editor of the day, Reuters Television
Dan Rogers, head of publishing, Smithers Information
Sian Clare Owen, @SianClare, social media director, Geopolitical Information Service
Tristan Bacon, @TristanBacon, social media assistant, Geopolitical Information Service
Rachel Flint, @chronrachel, senior multimedia journalist, Trinity Mirror
Damian Schnyder, @chronrachel, editor, SRF
Sarah Lester, @sarahllester, executive editor, Manchester Evening News
Richard Aucock, @richardaucock, managing director, Motoring Research
Rachel Flint, @chronrachel, senior multimedia journalist, Trinity Mirror
Karen Day, @karendayjourno, group online editor, Estates Gazette
David Doyle, @TiserDave, senior reporter, Rotherham Advertiser
Beth Brewster, @BethEleri, head of journalism and publishing, Kingston University
Amaris Podger, @corrine_podger, business development manager, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Philip Bromwell, @philipbromwell, video journalist, RTE
Dickon Ross, @dickonross, editor in chief, IET
Adam Sharpe, @Adam_AgraEurope, editor, Agra Europe
David Ghilotti, @DavideFoodNews, market reporter, FOODNEWS magazine
Simon Stephens, @SimonAStephens, Deputy Editor , Museums Journal
Adam Duckett, @adam_tce, editor , IChemE
George Sandeman, @GeorgeSandeman, Freelance
Emma Rubach, @emmarubach, head of editorial , YouthNet
Natalie Valios, , RBI
Claire Edwards, , RBI
Owain Carter, @confusedowed, Content & social producer , confused.com
Jamie Gibbs, @mithrilwisdom, content producer , confused.com
Emily Ansell, @emilyshots, news reporter , Shots
Aaron Davies, @aaroscape, digital director , Redactive Media Group
David Murphy, senior press officer , Information Commissioners Officer
Wayne Palmer, @WaynePalmer9,
John Sutcliffe, BBC Media Action
Anca Toader, @, journalism training editor , BBC Media Action
Rohan Jayasekera, @rohanjay, Vivarta
James Trudigan, @jamestrudgian, head of audience development , Newsquest Media Group
David Powles, @david_powles, editor (digital) , Archant
Andreia Lago, @andreia_lago, content director, founder , Eder Content
Matt Maltby, @MattJMaltby, editorial assistant, smarta.com
Daniel Ivery, @DanSmarta, smarta.com
Katarzyna Jaklewicz, @katjaklewicz, digital development director , AGORA SA
Elzbieta Ruebenbauer, AGORA SA

More to follow…



People who attended previous news:rewired events share their views

“Dear colleagues – why were you not here?” – Gary Harvey, Virgin Media

“Informative, educational and entertaining” – Colin Watkins, Channel 4

“Really helpful and inspiring” – Harriet Patience, Redactive

“news:rewired is essential for anyone trying to make their way in online journalism” – Sarah Booker, The Argus

“A great way to network and keep your finger on the online pulse” - Malcolm Bradbrook, University of Gloucester

“Leaves you with food for thought and practice” – Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship

“news:rewired is a great place to gather ideas, inspiration and meet like-minded people” – Helen Roxburgh, Economia

“Great day, great speakers, very good value for money” – Julian Fisher, Markettiers4DC

“As always high quality and quality content” – Gabrielle Laine-Peters, freelance consultant

“A useful brainstorming on next digital challenges in journalism” – Michela Di Carlo, Gambero Rosso Holding