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As it happened: Special projects

Some editorial initiatives bring down newsroom walls and get many different teams working together. Our closing session will look at the “special projects” strategies in newsrooms, and the challenges and opportunities they bring, whether it’s about experimenting with new technologies or finding new commercial avenues. You will find it helpful to explore this site http://a-escort.net/ […]

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As it happened: Gaming principles in storytelling

Juliana Ruhfus, senior reporter for Al Jazeera’s People & Power investigative and current affairs strand, worked on producing Al Jazeera’s news games, from its first ever project of this kind, Pirate Fishing, to the most recent, #Hacked, which takes players inside the cyberwar in Syria. In a short talk, Juliana will give insights into the process […]

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As it happened: Automation in the newsroom

We’ve heard a lot of about robot journalism, including some concerned voices. But how can automation help editorial teams and what resources are required to power these projects? With: • Reg Chua, executive editor for editorial operations, data & innovation, Reuters • Susanne Weber, language technology producer, BBC News Labs • Jill Petzinger, reporter, Quartz Moderated […]

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As it happened: Live video on social media

Our opening panel will discuss the impact live video on Facebook and other social networks can have on audience engagement, from the formats that work best, to the technology, the workflows and the ethical considerations needed before a successful live stream. • Andy Dangerfield, UK social media editor, BuzzFeed News • Sue Llewellyn, founder, Ultra Social • Alfred Joyner, head […]

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