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The next news:rewired digital journalism conference is planned for Thursday 16 July at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, LondonBook Your Place!

The agenda for July will be announced in the near future, but you can see the delegate list below.

Have any topics or sessions you would like to see? Email alastair@journalism.co.uk with “news:rewired ideas” in the subject to talk further.


Simone Castello, @simonecas, Digital consultant/writer, University of Cambridge

Caterina Visco, @vischella, Freelance journalist

Sarah Laitner, @sarahlaitner, Communities editor, Financial Times

Konstantinos Antonopoulos, @konstantinosant, Senior interactive producer, Al Jazeera English

Warren Chrismas, @warrenchrismas, Managing editor, Press Association

Joseph Harvey, @JHJournalist, Editor, Informa

Nadia Gilani, @nadiagilani, Communications manager, Change.org

Rebecca Lee, @rebeccalee1010, Digital account manager, Dynamo PR

Julia White, @Julia_White, Head of showbiz & social media, Yahoo

Rachel Bartlett, @rachelabartlett, Editorial planning and training manager, Shorthand

Simon Trigg, @simontrigg, Commercial manager europe, Shorthand

Claire Thompson, @claireatwaves, Managing director, Waves PR

Andrew Grantham, @andrew_grantham, News editor, DVV Media

Nick Kingsley, @njak_100, Managing editor, DVV Media

Anthony Gill, @linklad, Director of data, The Guardian

James Higgins, @jhigginsNWEM, Editor, Furness Newspapers

Sheenah Alcock, @NWEMlive, Picture editor, Furness Newspapers

Paul Gallagher, @pdgallagher, Digital innovations editor, Trinity Mirror

David Holmes, @spikefodder, Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Charles Ubaghs, @charlesubaghs, Head of social media, This Is Global

Toby Chapman, @michaeltobias, Group development editor, Trinity Mirror

Steve Wilson-Beales, @stevewbeales, Head of editorial, This Is Global

Nicola Irwin, @nci1, News editor, Press Association

Sarah Custer, @Sara_ThePIENews, Deputy editor, PIE News

Kirk Ward, @KirkWard_NHS, Media relations manager, Monitor

Kelvin Lockwood, @kelvinlockwood, Founder, Bundle

Tse Yin Lee, @leetseyin, Analyst, BBC Monitoring

Adam Coulter, @adamjmcoulter, Editor, Cruise Critic

Kelly Spring, @kellyspringnz, Journalist, BMA communications

Anca Toader, @anca_toader, Journalism training editor, BBC Media Action

Sally Eyden, @sallyeyden, Editor, Time Inc. UK

Victoria Kennedy, @vixkennedy, Deputy content director + Digital editor, Time Inc. UK

Ceri Jackson, @ceridawnjackson, Assistant news editor, BBC Wales

Nick Halliday, @nickmhalliday, Director, Create, Curate, Consume

Tom Bristow, @tomsbristow, Digital content editor, Archant

Claire Rigby, @claire_rigby, Freelance journalist

Suchandrika Chakrabarti, @SuchandrikaC, Training Officer, Mirror Online

Tommy Kass, @tbkaas, Cofounder, Journalist, Kass & Mulvad

Alexander Scott-Harris, @amscottharris, Training business partner, News UK

Damian Schnyder, @damianschnyder, Editor in Chief, Culture Online

Thomas Haegler, @tomhaegler, Producer, SRF

Dickon Ross, @dickonross, Editor in Chief, IET

Rebecca Whittington, @RebeccaWMedia, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Leeds Trinity University

Yasmine El Rafie, @yasmineelrafie, Journalist, Swedish Radio

Nikola Andreev, @darthnik, Digital marketer, Confused.com

Jamie Gibbs, @mithrilwisdom, Content producer, Confused.com

Lynsey Little, @lynslittle, Head of events and marketing, Distilled Ltd

Caroline Millington, @showbizmillie, Content editor & social media manager, Time Inc. UK

Oliver Shambira, @OllieShambira, Senior copy sub-editor, Pretoria News

Fiona Anderson, @PositiveCoach, Coach and trainer, The Creative Coach

Jason Cumming, @jason_cumming, London editorial manager, NBC News Digital

Matt Grimson, @mattgrimson, Journalist, NBC News Digital

Julia Bicknell, @juliabicknell, Executive editor, World Watch Monitor

Yolanda Valery, @yolandavalery, Multimedia desk editor, BBC World Service, Spanish section

Hugh Westbrook, @skywestbrook, Producer, Sky News

Ana Jakimovska, @the_bluebell, Head of product, Sky News

Mark Payton, @iammarkpayton, Group editorial director, Haymarket Media Group

Michael Wright, @michael_wright_, Europe weekend editor, The Wall Street Journal

Liza Hearon, @hello_liza, Europe editor, The Wall Street Journal

Russell Merryman, @merryarty, Senior lecturer, London College of Communication

Tim Tonkin, @BMAtim, Senior news writer, BMA

Ashitha Nagesh, @ashnagesh, News reporter, Daily Star Online

Sarah Brealey, @sarah_brealey, Deputy magazine editor, British Heart Foundation

Lizzy Rodgers, @lizzyrodgers, Project Manager, British Heart Foundation

Peter Eisenberg, @petereis, Director of video, Newzulu

Anthony Sheehan, @anthony_sheehan, Founder & CEO, Near You Now

David Cochrane, @davidcochrane, Communities & social media editor, The Irish Times

Claire Martin, @CCMart1n, Head of content, Kantar

Chris Bignell, @chrisbignell, Director, XL Communications

Emily Twinch, @emilyv9, Web editor, Inside Housing

Glen Mulcahy, @glenbmulcahy, Innovation lead, RTE

Victoria Vaughan, @V_VAUGHAN, Editor-in-chief, Cogora

Catherine Adams, @catherinecadams, Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

Betony Kelly, @betonykelly, Head of communications, Government Digital Service

John D McHugh, @johndphoto, Co-founder, Verifeye Media

Holden Frith, @holdenfrith, Editor, TheWeek.co.uk

Stephanie Borne Hughes, @phaniebhughes, Digital strategy and development manager, Plan UK International

Andy Shipley, @andyshipley, News editor, Plan UK International

Jenni Sargent, @jennisarge, Director, Eyewitness Media Hub

Sam Dubberley, @samdubberley, Co-founder, Eyewitness Media Hub

Pete Brown, @beteprown, Researcher and Co-founder, Eyewitness Media Hub

Bethan Jinkinson, @bethjin, Digital editor, BBC World Service

Martin McCall, @mccallmemartin, Journalist, BBC

Andy Ivy, @andyivy, Executive producer, Sky News

Russell Smith, @Russell__Smith, Development editor, BBC News

Abubakr Al-Shamahi, @abubakrabdullah, Journalist, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed

Kevin Hinde, @kwdhinde, Director, Macmillan Science & Education

Douglas Marshall, @douglasmarshall, Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC

Giorgina Ramazzotti, @giorgramazzotti, Freelance Journalist

Delyth Lloyd, @delythmlloyd, Broadcast journalist, BBC

Steve Hill, @pow365, Lecturer, University of Westminster

Anthony Naughton, @AnthonyNaughton, Publishing director, AB Publishing

Andrew Green, @tandrewgreen, Journalist, World Watch Monitor

Cordelia Hebblethwaite, @CordeliaHeb, Journalist, BBC Newsnight

Gunnar Springfeldt, @gunnar40, Founder, Springfeldt Media

Michael Winders, @ofstednews, Head of communications, Ofsted

Philip Gordos, @PhilGordos, Assistant editor, BBC Sport

Ann-Louise de La Poype, @delapoype, Freelance journalist

Katharine Mansell, @commsnerd, Media and external affairs manager, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Kate Arkless Gray, @RadioKate, Digital communities editor, Wellcome Trust

More to follow…



People who attended previous news:rewired events share their views

“Dear colleagues – why were you not here?” – Gary Harvey, Virgin Media

“Informative, educational and entertaining” – Colin Watkins, Channel 4

“Really helpful and inspiring” – Harriet Patience, Redactive

“news:rewired is essential for anyone trying to make their way in online journalism” – Sarah Booker, The Argus

“A great way to network and keep your finger on the online pulse” - Malcolm Bradbrook, University of Gloucester

“Leaves you with food for thought and practice” – Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship

“news:rewired is a great place to gather ideas, inspiration and meet like-minded people” – Helen Roxburgh, Economia

“Great day, great speakers, very good value for money” – Julian Fisher, Markettiers4DC

“As always high quality and quality content” – Gabrielle Laine-Peters, freelance consultant

“A useful brainstorming on next digital challenges in journalism” – Michela Di Carlo, Gambero Rosso Holding