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The next news:rewired digital journalism conference is planned for Thursday 16 July at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, LondonBook Your Place!

The agenda for July will be announced in the near future, but you can still see the delegate list from February’s event below.

Have any topics or sessions you would like to see? Email alastair@journalism.co.uk with “news:rewired ideas” in the subject to talk further.


Michael Bruning, @mibruning, communities journalist, Financial Times

Camilla Hellum, @camillahellum, journalist, NRKbeta

Lauren Ingram@fakebananas,  freelance

Christopher Reardon, @scoop_reardon, UNHCR

Phil Clark, BMA

Niki Young, BMA

Hayley Gardner, @hayleybird, BMA

Amy Marie Phillips, @AmyontheRoad, photo editor, AMPphotographic

Miranda McLachlan, @MirandaMJourno, convenor MA/MSc digital journalism, Goldsmiths

Lily Canter, @lilycanter, journalism subject group leader, Sheffield Hallam University

John McHugh, @johndphoto, Marksta

Erik Sonstelie, @esonstel, head of Schibsted journalism academy, Schibsted Media Group

Elisabeth Ashton, @bethashton, Manchester Evening News

Andrew Greaves, @andrewgreaves84, head of journalism, News Associates

Mike Mullane, @mikemullane, Head of Eurovision Media Online, EBU/Eurovision

Sandra Hembery, @kent_online, KentOnline Editor, KM Group

Ian Carter, @iancarterkm, Editorial Director, KM Group

Malin Dahlberg, @malinkdahlberg, Social media editor, SVT

Olesya Dmitracova, Incisive Media

Flavia Munn, @flavers, BMA

Stephanie Jones-Berry, BMA

Emma Hallenberg, @garngalen, Sveriges Radio

Per Palmqvist, @tummyboy, Sveriges Radio

Nicklas Malmberg, @7direkt, Sveriges Radio

Yasmine El Rafie, @YasmineSR, Sveriges Radio

Joakim Johansson, @itsmyape, Sveriges Radio

Gabrielius Vaicaitis@gvaicaitis, sales executive, Infogram

Eila Madden, @EilaMadden, group editor, Bladonmore

Lizabeth Hannaford, @LizHannaford, multimedia journalism lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Rhys Griffiths, @rhysdgriffiths, digital and social editor, The Football League

Pooneh Ghoddoosi, @poopoosh, senior trainer, social media, BBC

Chris Hamilton, BBC News

Sarah Cottle, @sarahcottle, global editorial director, Platts

Alex Milner, senior producer, BBC

David Ferguson, @davidferg, managing director, Ferguson Media

Deborah Kelly, @deborahkellytv,  Notts TV coordinator, Nottingham Trent University

Bethan Jinkinson, BBC World Service

Peter Picton, @petepicton, editorial director, Trinity Mirror

Shaun Milne, @milnemedia, Milne Media

Nigel Vincent, @newsnigel, head of content,  Newsquest Digital Media

Alan Marshall, Press Association

Ashley Broadley, Press Association

Peter Clifton, Press Association

Dens Milne, @PhysicsWorld, associate editor, IOP Publishing Ltd

Robin Britton, head of news, ITV

James Thompson, CEO, Myriad Global Media

Karin Fjell, @karinfjell, editor in chief, Teknikføoretagen

Nicholas Fielding@chinaoutlookmag,  editor, China Outlook

Melanie Gardiner, @melgardiner, freelance journalist

Camila Reed, @xreutersCamilaR, director, Tavares Media Ltd

Corinne Podger, @corinne_podger, content manager, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Rupert Bowater, @RupertLB, Binary Vision

Louise Hosie, @louisehosie, social media producer, BBC World News

Gay Flashman, @g_flashman, CEO, Formative

Warren Chrismas, @warrenchrismas, managing editor BT.com, Press Association Ltd

Danai Dimitrakopoulos Diz, @dizdanae, MA student, University of Westminster

Rachel Oldroyd, acting managing editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Rosa Ryou, British Council

James Clasper, @jamesclasper, Newzulu

Roman Imielski, @romanimielski, managing editor, Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza

Zbigniew Pendel, @Zibi_Pen, Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza

Stefan Kolgen, @skolgen, coördinator, C.H.I.P.S. Labo

Anna Nagle, @annalewcock, chief online editor, Nature

Sarah Laitner, @sarahlaitner, communities editor, Financial Times

Andrew Matthews, CMS support manager, British Council

Hazel Yule, digital content producer, British Council

Lucila Pererya-Murray, @LucilaPmurray, British Council

Shakia Stewart, British Council

Carlo Felice Dalla Pasqua, @carlofelice, editor, Il Gazzettino

Rachel Extance, @RachelExtance, digital editor, Cambridge News

Rolf Hieringer, @rolfhieringer, SRF

Mark Jones, @markjones, global communities editor, Reuters News

Malin Rising, @malinrising, editor, Associated Press

Richard Woodward, deputy newswire editor, Press Association

Harry Foges, @harryfoges, editor in chief, BT

Richard Aucock, @richardaucock,Motoring Research

Stephen Hull, @stephenbhull, editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post

Richard Franklin, Bible Society

Matt Cooper, Bible Society

Sally Eyden, @sallyeyden, Time Inc

Victoria Kennedy, @vixkennedy, Time Inc

Caroline Millington, @showbizmillie, Time Inc

Julia Bicknell, @juliabicknell, World Watch Monitor

Andrew Green, World Watch Monitor

Steve Wilson-Beales, @stevewbeales, Global Radio

Charles Ubaghs, @charlesubaghs, Global Radio

Evalyn Lee, @evalyn7, Novelist

Biserka Anderson, @bisanderson, University of Strathclyde

Dan Rigden, @reNews_, Renews Limited

Nicola Roberts, Renews Limited

Seb Kennedy, Renews Limited

Kathryn Geels, @girlondon, programme manager, Nesta

Ulf Gruener, @ulfgruener, journalist/trainer, Swiss Radio and TV (SRF)

Coral Summers, Tempero

Betony Kelly, @betonykelly, head of digital outreach, department for business, innovation and skills

Sarah Brealey, @sarah_brealey, British Heart Foundation


More to follow…



People who attended previous news:rewired events share their views

“Dear colleagues – why were you not here?” – Gary Harvey, Virgin Media

“Informative, educational and entertaining” – Colin Watkins, Channel 4

“Really helpful and inspiring” – Harriet Patience, Redactive

“news:rewired is essential for anyone trying to make their way in online journalism” – Sarah Booker, The Argus

“A great way to network and keep your finger on the online pulse” - Malcolm Bradbrook, University of Gloucester

“Leaves you with food for thought and practice” – Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship

“news:rewired is a great place to gather ideas, inspiration and meet like-minded people” – Helen Roxburgh, Economia

“Great day, great speakers, very good value for money” – Julian Fisher, Markettiers4DC

“As always high quality and quality content” – Gabrielle Laine-Peters, freelance consultant

“A useful brainstorming on next digital challenges in journalism” – Michela Di Carlo, Gambero Rosso Holding