Matthew Pye 

Matthew Pye is the founder of The Climate Academy (est. 2011) and has been co-ordinator of Philosophy at the European School Brussels II since 2007. His book “Plato Tackles Climate Change” (2021) examines the blind-spots of democracy concerning the crisis, and points forward to the power of the law as a key leverage point for change. “Arendt Tackles Climate Change” (2023) will be out in November. 

As a public speaker, Matthew has given lectures at the EU Commission, Cambridge University, VU Amsterdam, other leading universities and many international schools. He featured in The Eurasian Media Forum (Kazakhstan, 2021), The NATO Youth Conference (2023), and the ZEG Storytelling Festival (Tblisi, 2023).

“The Climate Academy Guidebook” (2022) is the central book for all the Climate Academies around the world (India, USA, Luxembourg, Belgium…) and will soon be available on-line to the public. 


Compelling climate reporting
15 November 2023 - 14:35, Main stage