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The next news:rewired digital journalism conference is planned for Thursday 16 July at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, LondonBook Your Place!

The agenda for July will be announced in the near future, but you can still see the speakers from February’s event below.

Have any topics or sessions you would like to see? Email alastair@journalism.co.uk with “news:rewired ideas” in the subject to talk further.


Keynote speech

Aron PilhoferAron Pilhofer, executive editor for digital, the Guardian, @pilhofer

Experimenting in the newsroom

Amanda FarnsworthAmanda Farnsworth, head of visual journalism, BBC, @farnsa
Pat LongPat Long, head of news development, The Times and Sunday Times, @PatLongTweets
Alessio BalbiAlessio Balbi, head of audience engagement and product development, Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, @alessiobalbi
Moderated by:
Jane SingerProfessor Jane Singer, professor of journalism innovation, City University London, @JaneBSinger

Approaching the elections

Alberto NardelliAlberto Nardelli, data editor, the Guardian, @AlbertoNardelli
Jim WatersonJim Waterson, deputy editor, BuzzFeed UK, @jimwaterson
Sarah LesterSarah Lester, executive editor, Manchester Evening News, @sarahllester

Mark FrankelMark Frankel, assistant editor, social news, BBC, @markfrankel29

Moderated by:
Fergus BellFergus Bell, co-founder, UGC ethics intiative, Online News Association, @fergb



Engaging younger audiences

Raja SharifRaja Sharif, strategy implementation manager, Al Jazeera, @RajaSharif
Alan StrangeAlan Strange, senior producer, Sky News, @AlanStrangeSky
Didier HamannDidier Hamann, editor-in-chief, Le Soir, @didham
Jeroen ZanenJeroen Zanen, co-founder, Crowdynews, @Jzanen




Moderated by:

Blathnaid HealyBlathnaid Healy, UK editor, Mashable, @blathnaidhealy




Lunchtime workshops

Sophie SparkesSophie Sparkes, data analyst, Tableau, @sophie_sparkes
Marc SettleMarc Settle, smartphone trainer, BBC College of Journalism, @MarcSettle
Corrine PodgerCorinne Podger, journalism trainer, Thomson Reuters, @corinne_podger




Measuring success

Martin AshplantMartin Ashplant, digital and social media director, City A.M., @mashplant


Stijn DebrouweresStijn Debrouwere, analytics expert, @stdbrouw
John LoGiocoJohn LoGioco, executive vice-president, @johnlogioco




Moderated by:


Malcolm ColesMalcolm Coles, director of digital media, The Telegraph, @malcolmcoles




Visual storytelling

Tom PhillipsTom Phillips, editorial director, BuzzFeed UK, @flashboy
Lulu PinneyLulu Pinney, freelance infografista, @lulupinney
Christian_PayneChristian Payne, blogger, trainer, creative technologist, @documentally




Moderated by:

Sue LlewellynSue Llewellyn, social media consultant and trainer, @suellewellyn




Online investigations

Eliot HigginsEliot Higgins, open-source investigations expert, founder of Bellingcat, @EliotHiggins


Friedrich LindenbergFriedrich Lindenberg, data journalist and Knight International Journalism Fellow, @pudo




Moderated by:

Gabrielle Laine-PetersGabrielle Laine-Peters, digital media consultant and trainer, @GabrielleNYC




A new wave in audio

Anna DobleAnna Doble, assistant editor, BBC Newsbeat, @annadoble
Eric AthasEric Athas, senior digital news specialist, NPR Digital Services, @ericathas

Neelay_PatelNeelay Patel, senior VP of new business incubation and innovation, The Economist, @neelay_patel

Moderated by:
James CridlandJames Cridland, radio futurologist and managing director, Media.info, @JamesCridland




Afternoon keynote

Joanna GearyJoanna Geary, head of news partnerships, Twitter UK, @JoannaUK




Emerging technology

Subhajit BanerjeeSubhajit Banerjee, mobile editor, the Guardian, @subhajitb
Paul GallagherPaul Gallagher, digital innovations editor, Manchester Evening News, @pdgallagher
Ben KreimerBen Kreimer, journalism technologist, Drone Journalism Lab, @benkreimer
Julia WurzJulia Wurz, founder and chief executiver, Bullet News, @juliawurz
Moderated by:
OliviaSolonOlivia Solon, technology editor, Mirror Online, @olivia_solon

All tickets are available through this link.


Past news:rewired delegates share their thoughts on our previous digital journalism conferences:

“The combination of speakers from the cutting edge of journalism and an assembly of people driven to be at the cutting edge makes news:rewired the most electric gathering of journalists in Europe. A must-attend”Markham Nolan, Storyful

“A conference that invests in talking about the future of journalism and social media, rather than simply reacting to changes in practice after they’ve already happened”Richard Moynihan, Metro

“Great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the leading innovators in journalism and to learn a thing or two” – Lawrence Havelock, Bridging & Commercial

“The place to find tools, techniques and inspiration” – Rohan Jayasekera, Vivartz