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As the media industry continues to be disrupted by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, we at Journalism.co.uk have decided to bring our Newsrewired conference online.

It is now clear that holding an in-person event on 4 June 2020 could be unsafe, both for you – our attendees – and our staff.

But that does not mean we have to miss out on access to top expert insights, learning practical skills, and network with other great minds. Better than that – a virtual event held on Zoom allows us to bring you all of this, wherever you are.

The Newsrewired virtual conference will feature:

  • Four expert panels shedding light on the most pressing problems the media industry is facing during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Four practical workshops that will help you navigate this crisis and plan for the future of your organisation
  • A private networking group on LinkedIn as now is a great time to connect with fellow media professionals from all around the world




Day 1

Monday 29 June 2020
3pm – 5pm London time/10am – 12pm New York time


Distributed newsroom: how to thrive during and after the crisis
3 pm – 4 pm BST/10a m – 11 am EDT

The disruption that the covid-19 pandemic has brought to the newsrooms is likely to stay with us far beyond the current crisis. Rather than just thinking of ‘remote working’, we need to embrace the challenge that social distancing measures will bring in the months and perhaps years to come.

How can ‘distributed newsrooms’ change the way we work, from recruiting the right talent to better serving our audiences? How can you reimagine your office when your team is working from home? We will explore these questions with an expert panel.


  • Fergus Bell, founder and CEO, Fathm
    More speakers will be confirmed soon

Workshop: Foster effective communication within your team with DiSC personality test
4 pm – 5 pm BST/11 am – 12 am EDT

With most newsrooms now working remotely, effective communication is key. Dr. Len Clark uses the DiSC assessment tool to help the media professions improve the collaboration within their organisations, including those entrepreneurial and freelance journalists who are seeking contracts and assignments. This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Identify your strengths and understand weaknesses
  • Effectively work with different personality types
  • Improve communication and teamwork skills
  • Become self-aware and adjust patterns of behaviour
  • Increase productivity and revenue


Day 2

Tuesday 30 June 2020
3 pm – 5 pm London time/10 am – 12 pm New York Time


Audience engagement and trust in the media in the coronavirus world
3 pm – 4 pm BST/10a m – 11 am EDT

Since the beginning of the pandemic, news consumption has increased in many countries. However, on top of the disruption that the crisis has bought to the sector, journalists also have to fight larger volumes of misinformation and seek new ways to engage audiences.

In this session, we will look at how to keep on reporting on covid-19 in an engaging way to assure that not only your readers and viewers stay informed, but that you are also creating a loyal community of readers that stay with you in the future.

Workshop: to be confirmed
4 pm – 5 pm BST/11 am – 12 am EDT

Day 3

Wednesday 1 July 2020
3 pm – 5 pm London time/10 am – 12 pm New York Time


Reinventing the business model
3 pm – 4 pm BST/10a m – 11 am EDT

As the already plummeting advertising revenue has nearly dried up during the coronavirus pandemic, many newsrooms will have to make some tough choices for the years ahead. But the crisis is also an opportunity to reimagine the way you and your organisation works.

We will look at how to plan new strategies to capitalise on the surge in news consumption and explore how to launch or enhance subscription and membership models, micropayments, donations, attention-based revenue and targeted advertising.

Workshop: How to manage your local news business in face of a pandemic
4 pm – 5 pm BST/11 am – 12 am EDT

Details to be confirmed


Day 4

2 July 2020
3 pm – 5 pm London time/10 am – 12 pm New York Time


Looking to the future
3 pm – 4 pm BST/10 am – 11 am EDT

The covid-19 crisis is profoundly transforming the journalism industry. What will our sector look like in the months and years to come? In this session, we will look at where the news industry may be heading, from new content formats like mobile-optimised reporting to video streaming.


  • John Crowley, editor and media consultant
  • Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
    More speakers will be confirmed soon

Workshop: How can your organisation take action on emerging trends
4 pm – 5 pm BST/11 am – 12 am EDT

Details to be confirmed

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We will update the agenda with the speakers’ names as soon as we have them confirmed.

All topics and speakers are subject to change. If you’d like to contribute as a speaker or sponsor, please get in touch by emailing marcela[at]journalism.co.uk.