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The next newsrewired digital journalism event will take place on 22-23 November at Reuters HQ in Canary Wharf, London. This will be Journalism.co.uk’s 20th newsrewired conference, featuring a mix of panels, talks and workshops on 22 November, followed by a full day of training for newsrewired+ delegates, who will be able to register to attend one of three full-day, practical training courses.

The conference will feature a mix of workshops and panel discussions about the latest tools, trends and techniques in digital journalism.

We are still working on the programme, which will soon be updated with more session descriptions and speakers, but in the meantime here’s a draft agenda to give you an idea of what you can expect on the day.

Tickets for the conference cost £180+VAT and space is limited, so book your place now to avoid missing out.

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Time Sessions and speakers
8:50-9:20am Registration and coffee
9:20-9:30am Welcome

  • Catalina Albeanu, international editor, Journalism.co.uk
9:30-10:00am Keynote to be announced soon
10:00-11:10am At our fingertips: Storytelling for mobile

From video to longform, text-based articles, how can media organisations tell stories better suited to a mobile audience? And how do smartphone users’ behaviours shape how they interact with media brands? This panel will discuss best practices from newsrooms as well as outline some of the challenges and considerations when producing content for a mobile audience, whether that’s a data visualisation or a news story. A panel with:

    • Brianne O’Brien, lead news curation editor, BuzzFeed;
    • Colleen McEnaney, graphics editor, The Wall Street Journal;
    • Jason Karaian, global finance and economics editor, Quartz;

More speakers to be announced soon.



Spotlight talk
11:20-11:35am A look at Monocle’s strategy, 10 years on

Since it was founded in 2007, Monocle has aimed to make strategic decisions about where and when to invest in new products and initiatives, both editorially and commercially. It has added a 24-hour radio station, podcasts and events to the production of its flagship magazine.

In this short talk, Andrew Tuck, editor of Monocle, will provide a look at the organisation’s print and digital strategy, and will explain how these initiatives are ultimately geared towards engaging and expanding the audience of the print magazine, which counts more than 81,000 audited sales every issue.

11:35-12:00pm  Coffee break
12:00pm-1:00pm Session details to be announced soon. 
1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch 
2:00-3:00pm Open-source tools for journalists and how to use them

There are many free resources and open-source tools for journalists out there, made by other journalists, news organisations, civic groups and others. They are ready to be used in your newsroom, and tailored to your own needs, but how many of them do you even know about?

In this practical workshop, Leila Haddou, data journalist at The Times and Sunday Times, and co-organiser of the Journocoders meetup, will outline 15+ open-source tools you can use in your reporting, from investigative resources, data analysis and visualisation to digital storytelling and sharing. She will also show examples of real life journalism projects using these tools and suggest ways they might be used in future.

Workshop: Graphic novel journalism

Marc Ellison is an award-winning video- and photojournalist currently based in Glasgow. He has worked extensively across Africa since 2011. As a former computer programmer, Marc is passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling including the use of interactive photo/graphic novels and immersive 360 video. His interactive comics have recently won World Press Photo Multimedia and Amnesty International awards. 

Marc’s workshop on graphic novel journalism will include: a brief historical overview of the format; examples of Marc’s work demonstrating the power of the comic book format; an overview of the pitching, proposal writing, and planning processes; best practices working in the field and once you’re back from fieldwork; and a candid summary of the challenges and obstacles.

3:00-3:05pm Room change

How to make the most of newsroom experiments

By nature, experiments require organisations to take risks and invest time and resources in projects that can have varying degrees of success, and that may or may not be replicated in the future. So how can we make the most of them, whether it’s launching a product, refreshing the strategy on a particular platform, or trying a new technology? With:

  • Bo Franklin, social media writer, The Economist;

More speakers to be announced soon.


Immersive video workshop

Virtual reality and 360-degree video have arrived in newsrooms, transporting audiences to the centre of the story and enabling them to consume the news in a more immersive way than ever before.

In this workshop, we will take a look at some of the great films made so far, produced with a variety of techniques, from 3D scanning technology to CGI or illustration.

Delegates will leave with a greater appreciation of what can be done with this technology, and no doubt brimming with ideas of how to take it back to their organisation.

4:05-4:30pm Coffee break
4:30-5:00pm Spotlight talk

All hands on deck: Benefits and challenges of collaboration in the newsroom

Many projects now involve staff members from different teams within a media organisation, as well as journalists from other newsrooms altogether. What are some best practices for managing a successful collaboration between journalists, developers, and product teams, or even between journalists at different publications who could be seen as competitors? And what type of projects can you collaborate on?

This panel will look at different types of editorial collaboration, and it will examine some of the workflows, benefits and challenges of participating in this type of projects. With:

  • Fergus Bell, co-founder of Pop-Up Newsroom;
  • Yasmine El-Rafie, project manager and product owner, Swedish Radio;
  • Felix Franz, project manager and editor, hostwriter;

More speakers to be announced soon.

6:00-6:05pm Closing remarks
6:00-7:30pm Networking drinks


Journalism.co.uk will also be hosting a day of training at Reuters on 23 November 2017.

Delegates can also register for newsrewired+, which will give them access to the conference on 22 Nov and one hands-on workshop the following day. As a newsrw+ delegate, you can choose between three in-depth courses on 23 Nov:

From Snapchat to Instagram: Stories on social media

If you think all social apps are starting to look the same, they are. The camera is the new keyboard and the future of social media looks like photos, ​g​ifs, text, videos and music, mixed into vertical cards. They call the all-in-one experience ‘Stories.’ Snapchat invented it, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even Skype have now all adopted it – the vertical, mobile format dominating the social media galaxy. This new course led by Sumaiya Omar, social media consultant and co-founder of social video company Hashtag Our Stories, will teach you how to use Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories effectively.

An introduction to podcasting

Podcasts and online audio are at the heart of the business of digital media. With audiences flocking to the medium in record numbers and radio listening on connected devices at an all time high, there’s never been a better time to learn about and create audio. This practical workshop, led by former BBC producer Jack Soper, will examine the skills required to create short radio packages or podcasts. You will learn how to tailor content for a specific audience, then record, edit and publish it online. You will gain skills in interviewing, script writing and delivery, and the use of music and sound effects.

Online media law refresher (UK focus)

There have been some dramatic developments in online media law over the last few years, such as the continuing effects of the 2013 Defamation Act, the emergence of the Data Protection Act as a tool used against journalists, and changes to the laws of privacy and copyright. Led by Dr Richard Danbury, a journalist, qualified lawyer and legal academic, this one-day course will bring you straight up-to-date with the latest developments, including advice on using content from social media and comment moderation. Whether you are an experienced journalist who had legal training before online publishing was a consideration or are simply in need of a media law refresher, this course will tell you all you need to know.

Newsrewired+ tickets are available for £368 +VAT. They represent a 10 per cent discount compared to booking tickets for both days separately.

Both the conference and training day are hosted at the Reuters office in Canary Wharf, London.

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If you’d like to suggest topics of discussion at the conference or if you’d like to get involved as a speaker or sponsor, please get in touch by emailing catalina [at] journalism.co.uk.