Meet the team

Catherine Edwards

Catherine is acting editor at (job-sharing with Olivia Crellin), covering media news as well as organising the Newsrewired May event. She is an editorial strategist currently also working with the International Press Institute, Free Press Unlimited and Solutions Journalism Network, and was previously Europe Editor at The Local.

She is based in Vienna and spends her free time travelling, reading, eating pastries and learning languages.

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Olivia Crellin

Olivia is acting editor at, covering media news as well as organising the Newsrewired May event. She is also CEO of PressPad and a senior lecturer in Multimedia Journalism at Oxford Brookes University. Previously she worked at the BBC and OpenDemocracy.

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Jasmine Scott

Jasmine is an experienced social media marketing manager who is passionate about people.

She designs and runs open and bespoke media training for journalists and other media professionals, manages a directory of freelance journalists, and oversees all marketing and social media channels at

Outside of work, she enjoys playing video games and listening to true-crime podcasts.

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Jacob Granger

As a senior multimedia reporter, Jacob’s main role includes sourcing and writing news stories for the website.

He also produces’s weekly podcast that brings the most interesting conversations from around the media industry.

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John Thompson

John is the owner and managing director of Mousetrap Media, publisher of, a site which was launched in 1999.

Outside of work, John is a keen runner, swimmer and cyclist, participating in many local sports events around Sussex.


Sage De-Hayes

Sage is responsible for product placement in delegate bags at the conference.

She graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA in film and screen studies and an MA in creative writing.

Outside of work, she sings in a choir and starts a lot of ambitious craft projects that she really, truly believes she will finish this time (she won’t).

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Marcela Kunova (on maternity leave)

Marcela is the editor at covering media news, organising Newsrewired conferences and media training courses. Prior to this, she was an assistant editor at Citywealth, trained at CNN in London and worked as a freelance journalist.

Outside of work, she can be spotted on the streets of Brighton walking her dog Georgie and listening to audiobooks.

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