Michał Żmuda

principal engineer at Ring Publishing

Edmund Davison

head of growth at Tortoise Media

Esther Alonso

membership and development director at eldiario.es

Petter Winther

young readers group leader, Dagens Næringsliv

Irene McKisson

co-founder and principal executive of Arizona Luminaria

Gloria Cheung

social producer and editor of Bloomberg Quicktake

Caley Wilson

co-founder and managing director of Blinder

James Breiner

newsroom leadership consultant

Eleanor Mills

founder and editor-in-chief of Noon

Kelly Regan

editorial director, Next City

Lori Little

head of content, Isle of Wight County Press

Alessandro Tommasi

CEO and co-founder of Will Media

An Nguyen

principal investigator, COJO Against COVID

Gemma Hitchens

content director at the Financial Times

Chris Waiting

chief executive at The Conversation

Dietmar Schantin

founder and principal of IFMS Media Consultancy

Zach Seward

CEO of Quartz

Sonali Verma

senior product manager for analytics at the Globe and Mail

Nic Newman

senior research fellow at RISJ

Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

professor and author

Valerie Fridland

professor of sociolinguistics at University of Nevada