Korey Lee

Vice-president of data

Dmitry Shishkin

Independent digital publishing consultant

Rutger Verhoeven

Co-founder and CMO at smartocto

Jacob Eastham

Creative thinking instructor at CIA

Alex Crawford

Special correspondent at Sky News

Kevin Young

Head of audience at The Economist

Nyssa Straatveit

Creative thinking instructor for the CIA

Emilia Díaz Struck

Research editor at International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Kevin Delaney

Co-founder of Reset Work

Jon Livesey

Deputy editor-in-chief (digital) at the Star

Cécile Schneider

Product lead at BR AI + Automation Lab (Bavarian Broadcasting)

Wolfgang Blau

Visiting research fellow at RISJ

Gabriel Kahn

Founder and publisher of Crosstown

Madhav Chinnappa

Director of news ecosystem development at Google

Joy Mayer

Director, Trusting News

Taneth Autumn Evans

Head of audience development at The Times and The Sunday Times

Sally Lehrman

CEO of The Trust Project

Sara Lomax-Reese

President & CEO at WURD Radio

Jane Barrett

Global editor for media news strategy at Reuters

Benjamin Toff

Senior research fellow at the Reuters Institute