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The next newsrewired digital journalism conference takes place on 22 November at Reuters in Canary Wharf, London. Hands-on, practical learning is at the heart of the event, and our mix of panels, workshops, and talks attract a cross-section of the media industry from the UK and abroad, with delegates coming from print and online newsrooms, broadcasters, universities, start-ups, storytelling and communications organisations, and more.


Isabel Metzger, freelance online journalist, @I_Metzger

Dickon Ross, editor-in-chief – E&T Magazine, IET, @dickonross

James Higgins, editor – Furness Newspapers, The Mail, @jhigginsNWEM

Sheenah Alcock, freelance photographer and picture editor, @pixeditorNW

Carl Brown, assistant editor – digital and strategy, Ocean Media Group, @carlbrownIH

Chris Eldergill, executive editor – sport, CNN International, @EldergillCNN

Rob Hammond, head of SEO, Trinity Mirror, @robhammond

Maxline Slay, head news presenter, Paragon 99.9 FM Station

Nadine Carle-Edgar, owner, Monstagnes Representation, @nadinecarle

Renee Kaplan, head of audience engagement, Financial Times, @rkapkap

Leonora Merry, deputy director of communications, Nuffield Trust, @leonoramerry

Hannah Crouch, senior journalist, Digital Health, @hannahjcrouch

Laura Dewis, deputy director of digital publishing, Office for National Statistics, @lauradee

Annika Burgess, Storyteller/senior content producer, IXDS, @Annika_Burgess

Katia Moskvitch, editor-in-chief, Professional Engineering, @SciTech_Cat

Cath Murray, head of digital, Lsect, @CathMurray_

Richard Franklin, senior press officer, Bible Society, @RichJFranklin

Ellie Roddy, content editor, Zazzle Media, @ellieroddy

Dan Martin, head of content, Enterprise Nation, @dan_martin

Hasan Patel, planning editor, Al Jazeera English Online, @hasanpatel

Evalyn Lee, writer, @Evalyn7

Richard Greene, senior news editor, CNN, @RAGreeneCNN

Mike Griffiths, on-screen journalist, ITV Cymru Wales

Scott Edwards, media relations officer, WWF International, @ScottJEdwards_

Andrew Brookes, senior content editor, Zazzle Media, @andrewbrookes84

Eleanor Frere, group account executive, Firefly Communications, @FrereEle

Andrew Dry, developer, Sveriges Radio

Eric Weber, data journalist, Sveriges Radio

Marcus Eriksson, social media editor, Sveriges Radio, @MarcusEkot

Fredrik Peterson, Sveriges Radio

Wedaeli Chibelushi, Freelance journalist, @FKAchibs

Thomas Coombes, head of brand, Amnesty International, @T_coombes

Conor Fortune, senior communications advisor, Amnesty International, @WritesRights

Liam Slattery, head of investigation and evidence, World Animal Protection, @WMSRRCCC

Jason Knights, head of communication and media relations, Lloyd’s Register, @saferenergy

Marianne Lehnis, journalist and researcher, Reinsurancene.ws, @MarianneLehnis

Clare Catford, communications consultant, Catford In The Cupboard, @catfordc

Alex Marshall, digital producer, Sky News, @alexmmarshall6

Ray Donoghue, head of content, Onefootball Gmbh, @rayodonnchadha

Richard Headland, editor, Which?, @RichardHeadland

Alice Rickman, head of investigative research, Which?

Vili Costescu, Pastor, South England Conference, @Asteptator

Lily Canter, subject group leader – journalism, Sheffield Hallam University, @lilycanter

Barbara Henderson, senior lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

Mark Glover, freelance writer, @markglover100

Philip Leake, data journalist, Office for National Statistics, @philleake91

Sophie Robehmed, Producer, BBC Ideas, @sophierobehmed

Karen Thorpe, marketing and communications manager, Gaelic Players Association, @KarenThorpe86

Michael Verney, media communications, Gaelic Players Association, @mlverney

Suvi Tanner, digital media development manager, Alma Media, @suvitanner

Marianne Gadeberg, freelance science communicator, Storyland Communications, @storylandcomm

Khayrullo Ubaydullaev, editor, BBC, @xayrullofayz

Tamhas Woods, digital consultant, Onyx-5 Online, @TamhasWoods

Anca Toader, journalism training editor, BBC Media Action, @anca_toader

Lisa Gudge, web editor, National Farmers Union, @NFUCountryside

Paul Bradley, chief content editor, National Farmers Union, @NFUtweets

Lucy Spencer, freelance writer, Naturally Inquisitive, @inquisitivelucy

Arthur Walsh, assistant editor, Communications International Group, @p3pharmacy

Lasse Herneklint, education manager, Fojo Media Institute, Linnaeus University, @lasseherneklint

Becky Barnes, social media editor, The Huffington Post, @beckybarnesb

Will Oliphant, teaching associate – journalism, University of Sheffield, @willoliphant

Yunus Emre Oruc, engagement producer, TRT World, @defusertt

Eero Lappanen, online producer, Lapin Kansa, @Eero_Leppanen

Tracey Willits, lecturer, York St John University

Kyriaki Karadelis, editor, Global Restructure Review

Richard Kendall, digital product manager, Johnston Press, @richardkendall

Lucy Provan, freelance journalist, @LucyProvan

Irma-Liisa Pyokkimies, digital development editor, Sveriges Radio, @irmaliisa

Arne Haeger, designer, Swiss Television SRF, @arnehaeger

Jussi Tuulensuu, editor-in-chief, Alma Media Kustannus Oy, @tuulensuu

Penny Sarchet, deputy news editor, New Scientist, @PennySarchet

Jessica Hill, freelance journalist, @jessjanehill