News:rewired was a high trending topic on Twitter: catch-up with #newsrw conversation at this link. There was a liveblog tracking tweets at this link. The BBC College of Journalism filmed parts of the day and City University live-streamed the key sessions. City University journalism students Dina Rickman, Arj Singh, Heather Christie and Alex Walters provided news and commentary for the site. If we’ve missed a link please email judith [at] or tweet @newsrewired / @journalismnews.

Dedicated all-day bloggers:

Professor George Brock, head of City University London’s journalism department, kicked off the day. Quote to remember: Journalism is like “throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks”.

Kevin Marsh, BBC College of Journalism, on the challenges of learning new multimedia and social media skills. Quote to remember: “Blogging has done more to change the way journalism works than anything else thus far.”

Multimedia journalism with Adam Westbrook, freelance journalist and multimedia producer; Steven Phillips, broadcast journalist, BBC London; and Justin Kings, radio journalist and media consultant. Bit to remember: Justin King’s 10 essential points for the multimedia journalist.

Social media for journalists with Kate Day, head of communities,; Mariana Bettio, search content producer, TimesOnline; Jessica Reed, editorial assistant, Comment is Free,; Robin Hamman, head of social media, Headshift; and Mark Rock, CEO
Quote to remember: “The idea is as old as the day is long in journalism, really, you’ve got to think like your readers” (audience member)

Troubleshooting panel on online journalism with Adam Tinworth, editorial development, Reed Business Information; Jon Bernstein, deputy editor, New Statesman (former Channel 4 multimedia editor); Robin Goad, research director, Hitwise; and Malcolm Coles, internet consultant and media blogger. Quote to remember: Malcolm Coles – “It amazes me that people with a print background never get into the habit of looking at their stuff online.”

Local digital media with Sarah Hartley, launch editor, Guardian Local; Philip John, the Lichfield Blog; Joanna Geary, web development editor (business), the Times (formerly at the Birmingham Post). Quote to remember: Joanna Geary – “Local media is about giving voice to communities – engaging with people who don’t have a voice in mainstream media.”

Crowdsourcing with Kate Day, head of communities,; Andy Heath, commissioning editor, Demotix; Ruth Barnett, multimedia producer, Sky News (UK’s first Twitter correspondent). Bit to remember: Flying sparks following comments made by the commissioning editor for pro-am photo agency Demotix, Andy Heath, about citizen-sourced material.

Data mashing with Tony Hirst, data expert and lecturer, Open University and Francis Irving, senior developer,
Quote to remember: Francis Irving – “The role of the FOI officer is to be your representative in an organisation, not the organisation’s representative to you.”

Video presentation by David Dunkley Gyimah, award-winning videojournalist and Southbank artist-in-residence. Bit to remember: his energetic demonstration of his kit and audience ‘ding dong’ … but watch it for yourself:

Panel discussion: ‘New journalism, new business models: how can journalism support itself online?’ with James Fryer, deputy editor SoGlos; Caroline Kean, partner at media law firm, Wiggin; Greg Hadfield, outgoing head of digital media at and online entrepreneur; and Ben Heald, CEO, Sift. Quote to remember: Greg Hadfield – “The future is individual journalists, not big media.”

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