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| October 18, 2018 – 4:10 pm | 229 views

Journalism.co.uk is pleased to announce that two prominent voices in the debate on sustainable, high-quality journalism — Rachel Oldroyd managing editor, Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and Brian Cathcart, professor and founder of Hacked Off — will be joining the panel that will explore the best business models for 21st-century news organisations.

Rachel Oldroyd joined the Bureau as deputy editor shortly after its launch in 2010 and has led many of the organisation’s key projects. Before joining the Bureau she spent 13 years at the Mail on Sunday, where she ran the award-winning Reportage section in Live magazine.

The section focused heavily on human rights violations and, under her editorship, won more than a dozen media awards.

Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London. A former journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, he is the author of several books, of which the most recent is ‘The News from Waterloo’.

He was a founder and the first director of Hacked Off and continues to make the case for the Leveson reforms.

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