Keynote speech: The role of the journalist in a polarised world

The goal of Newsrewired is to give attendees practical insights into how we can keep up with industry trends and do our job to a high standard. Our keynote speaker, Zaina Erhaim, puts this into context by talking about what it means to do journalism at a time when the media faces threats from repressive regimes, financial pressures, and growing polarisation.

As a journalist working in her home country of Syria when war broke out in 2011, Zaina reported on the conflict and has trained hundreds of citizen journalists, many of them women, making her directly or indirectly responsible for a large proportion of eyewitness journalistic accounts of the Syrian war. She will talk about the role every journalist can and must play in securing the future of a strong and free media, touching on the questions of objectivity, building trust in communities, misinformation, and the line between journalism and activism.

Read our write-up of the session here or listen to the session below: