Revenue models in a changing world: Where is the ceiling for subscribers?

A huge number of news organisations now rely on reader revenue in some way, and the benefits go beyond just money to include closer audience relationships and greater independence from platforms. But once you have got started with subscription or membership programmes, how do you plan for the future?

Our panelists will share insights from the Guardian, which recently announced the launch of its own membership programme; Sifted, an example of how membership works for niche media; and Tortoise, where deep relationships with members are at the heart of their strategy; and FT, which recently hit the 1m digital subscriber milestone. Whether you are just getting started with reader revenue or have a well-developed subscription programme, this session will leave you with actionable tips to take back to your newsroom, as well as new questions to ponder.

Read our write-up of the session here or listen to the session below: