Workshop: The Don’t Panic guide to life after the newsroom

There is no such thing as a job for life any more. The future is unpredictable, and a career path can be derailed with a simple tweak to a news company’s strategy. 

There is a real gap in understanding and advice for journalists – whether leadership executives or reporters/content creators – who are facing an uncertain future in their chosen career. 

In the UK alone, hundreds of journalist jobs were lost in 2023, and although there have been expansions (the BBC local news project for example) the jobs market remains uncertain. 

The rise of AI and generative content is likely to see further changes in how news publishers and broadcasters create, curate and deliver their content, potentially putting more jobs at risk. 

This workshop will cover:

  • So your job is at risk, or you’re thinking it’s time to go – what now? 

Practical steps to protect yourself, your finances, and your future including 

How to have a conversation with your boss about leaving 

Thinking about moving on: how to prepare yourself 

Negotiating a package and exit 

“Some personal news” – sharing your departure and future professional plans

The exit checklist: Essential things to do before you leave

  • Deinstitutionalisation 

You’ve left, but your head hasn’t

The emotional toll of leaving – how you can expect to feel 

The importance of taking a break and why jumping into another job may not be right 

How to seek advice / using contacts and being strategic about asking for help with planning next steps 

Getting the most out of LinkedIn, recruiters and maximising your CV potential

  • Finding your next step

Deciding what you want to do next 

No, you’re not just ‘a journalist’: How to define your transferable skillset and look beyond newsrooms for your next career step

Being patient and resilient 

Consultancy and self employment – things to know and what to avoid, from setting ‘your price / value’ to managing your time and finding work 


Alison Gow
22 May 2024 - 15:40, Workshops and breakout sessions
Mark Frankel
22 May 2024 - 15:40, Workshops and breakout sessions