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The next newsrewired digital journalism event will take place on 22-23 November at Reuters HQ in Canary Wharf, London. This will be Journalism.co.uk’s 20th newsrewired conference, featuring a mix of panels, talks and workshops on 22 November, followed by a full day of training for newsrewired+ delegates, who will be able to register to attend one of three full-day, practical training courses.

We are now able to reveal some of the topics we plan to include on the agenda:

Mobile storytelling – From video to longform, text-based articles, how can media organisations tell stories better suited to a mobile audience? And how do smartphone users’ behaviours shape how they interact with media brands?

Experimenting and failing – Newsrewired has previously showcased interesting newsroom experiments that resulted in successful projects and great stories, but what happens when the risk doesn’t pay off? We’re planning a workshop examining attitudes to failure in the newsroom and what happens when things don’t go as planned in the innovation department.

Collaboration – A great digital story or news product is rarely created by only one person – different skills have to come together, bringing editorial, product, design and development staff in the same room. But different teams work at different speeds, so how do media organisations promote a collaborative environment in their newsrooms and safeguard against “culture shock”?

More topics and speakers will be announced over the coming weeks, but you now can register by buying an early-bird ticket at a discount.

Past speakers

Des Shoesenior staff editor, The New York Times




Charles Ubaghs, head of social media, Global




Maeve McClenaghan, investigative journalist, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism




Albertine Piels, director, Hackastory




Subhajit Banerjee, product manager, mobile, Condé Nast International




Catherine Robinson, sound supervisor, BBC Research and Development




Sebastian Horn, founding editor, ze.tt

Vivienne Francis, project lead, Refugee Journalism Project




Nic Newman, research associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism



Sasha Koren, editor, Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab

Moeed Ahmad, head of the Innovation & Research Group of the Digital Division at Al Jazeera

Matt Wells, senior editor, programming and alerts, CNN Digital Worldwide
Sumaiya Omar, founder, HashtagOurStories
Emma Meesemanager, the Centre for Community Journalism
Aline Leclerc, reporter, Le Monde

Guy Faulconbridge, UK bureau chief, Reuters

Kate McCann, senior political correspondent, The Telegraph
Tom Bristow, investigations editor, Archant 
Keith Magnum, founding editor, the Hackney Citizen
More speakers and sessions will be announced soon.