Paul Bradshaw

See a slideshow of Paul’s news:rewired presentation at this link.

Paul Bradshaw is described by UK Press Gazette as one of the country’s “most influential journalism bloggers” and by the Telegraph’s Shane Richmond as “The UK’s Jeff Jarvis”.

A reader in online journalism at Birmingham City University, where he teaches an MA in Online Journalism, Paul is a former magazine editor and website manager, and contributor to a number of books about journalism and the internet.

He launched the Online Journalism Blog in 2004 and his ‘Model for the 21st Century Newsroom‘ and ‘BASIC Principles of Online Journalism‘ series have formed the basis for newsroom operations and journalism education around the world.

In 2008 Paul was ranked the UK’s 4th ‘most visible person on the internet’ by NowPublic. In 2009 he launched, a platform for crowdsourcing investigative journalism.