Past news:rewired delegates share their thoughts on our previous digital journalism conferences:

“Best and most useful investment ever. I got a job thanks to what I learned at news:rewired sessions” – Selene Verri, Euronews

“Engaging event that leaves you reinvigorated about the future of the profession and gives some valuable tools and knowledge to put into practice in enhancing your ability to connect with audiences with engaging journalism” – Steve Cummins, The Irish Post

“A concise update of our journalistic knowledge and skills- crucial when the industry changes so rapidly” – Aleksandra Jurczak, Aberdeen Journals Ltd

“The venue is easy to find and convenient. The sessions are interesting and varied and the presentations are kept short and snappy with lots of Q&A time” – Helen Tunnicliffe, tce

“For the journalist/digital geeks of today. Attend the conference and prepare for tomorrow” – Leon Ward, Civil Society Media

“Cram packed conference with fantastic contributors. Well done” – Ruth Stoker, University of Huddersfield

“The programme looked fabulous. The reality was even better” – Mary Williams, University of Portsmouth

“The combination of speakers from the cutting edge of journalism and an assembly of people driven to be at the cutting edge makes news:rewired the most electric gathering of journalists in Europe. A must-attend” – Markham Nolan, Storyful

“Left with a very useful overview of trends taking place in news organisations today” – Blaise Grimes-Vlort, eModeration

“If time is money, this was time well spent” – Mike Best, Leeds Trinity University

“Great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the leading innovators in journalism and to learn a thing or two” – Lawrence Havelock, Bridging & Commercial

“The place to find tools, techniques and inspiration” – Rohan Jayasekera, Vivartz

“A great day with lots of inspiring stories, fresh ideas and new techniques for journalists to embrace. My notebook is full of great stuff from today” – Alex Ward, freelancejournalist.co.uk

“news:rewired is great for the latest digital know-how and publishing tips” – Jake O’Neill, Cision UK

“Great event which added knowledge to both niche and wider issues. Would be ideal for those starting out in journalism or those with years of experience looking to keep up with the times” – Rebecca Lee, Chillisauce

“A conference that invests in talking about the future of journalism and social media, rather than simply reacting to changes in practice after they’ve already happened” – Richard Moynihan, Metro

“It’s not often you hear Claude Levi Strauss quoted in a presentation at a social media conference. Trust news:rewired to keep the bar extremely high…”- Dominique Jackson, Mail Online

“It’s incredibly useful to get out of your own bubble and see what everyone else out there is thinking and doing. We’re all trying to do the same thing – secure the future of journalism” – Marek Pruszewicz, BBC

“Dear colleagues – why were you not here?” – Gary Harvey, Virgin Media

“Informative, educational and entertaining” – Colin Watkins, Channel 4

“Really helpful and inspiring” – Harriet Patience, Redactive

“news:rewired is essential for anyone trying to make their way in online journalism” – Sarah Booker, The Argus

“A great way to network and keep your finger on the online pulse” – Malcolm Bradbrook, University of Gloucester

“Leaves you with food for thought and practice” – Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship

“news:rewired is a great place to gather ideas, inspiration and meet like-minded people” – Helen Roxburgh, Economia

“Great day, great speakers, very good value for money” – Julian Fisher, Markettiers4DC

“As always high quality and quality content” – Gabrielle Laine-Peters, freelance consultant

“A useful brainstorming on next digital challenges in journalism” – Michela Di Carlo, Gambero Rosso Holding

“Great to get an injection of new ideas in the field” – Hannah Bullock, Eden Project

“Spend a day at news:rewired, then go back and wow your colleagues with your newfound technical expertise” – Janet Snell, RCN Publishing

“A chance to be at the forefront of the changing face of journalism” – Dominic Hung, student, London School of Economics