Mark Frankel

Mark is a former BBC News journalist and editor and currently works as a media consultant and lecturer. He has worked on content creation and strategy in both the public and private sectors. Mark has over twenty years of newsroom experience, from programme producing and editing to overseeing the BBC’s UGC team and working as the social media editor for BBC News.

One constant throughout his career has been a focus on digital media training and mentoring. So when, in July 2023, Mark was made redundant from his role as director of content at International SOS he was quickly drawn to consultancy work.

Mark is currently lecturing at St Mary’s University, designing a new postgraduate course on online communities for the London Interdisciplinary School and has embarked on several digital media training projects for newsrooms and content creators.


Workshop: The Don’t Panic guide to life after the newsroom
22 May 2024 - 15:40, Workshops and breakout sessions