Newsrewired+ allows you to expand your online conference experience with hands-on training course where you will learn practical, actionable journalistic skills to take back to your newsroom.

The Newsrewired+ ticket gives you access to the online training course and the conference, saving you £20. You can choose one of the two courses below:

Essential analytics for media professionals

Starts 25 May 2021

This four-session online course with Adam Tinworth will teach you how to use analytics to assess the success of existing content and develop ideas and stories that gain more readers.

The course is designed to give writers, editors and other communicators confidence in using analytics in their day-to-day work. See the full course description on

Essential SEO skills for media professionals

Starts 8 June 2021

This four-session course with Adam Tinworth will teach you how to use SEO to plan, develop and optimise articles to find readers through Google and other search engines.

This course has been completely updated to take account of recent changes (including RankBrain and BERT additions to the algorithm). It will also address the changes in the way Google handles contributed and sponsored content. See the full course description on

To book your Newsrewired+ ticket, go to our booking page and choose the Newsrewired+ option.

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