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Training options for Newsrewired+

Newsrewired+ allows you to expand your online conference experience with a hands-on training that will teach you practical, actionable journalistic skills

Newsrewired+ delegates will be able to attend one of the five online courses running from 7 December 2020 to 10 February 2021 as well as the conference on 1 – 10 December 2020.

Booking a conference and a training ticket together allows you to get the most out of the online conference experience and saves you £20.

Book Newsrewired+

You can choose one online course from:
How it works:
    • Book your ticket for Newsrewired+ (£360 +VAT)
    • We will email you to confirm which online course you wish to attend
    • Enjoy the full access to Newsrewired conference (1 – 10 December 2020) + your chosen online course

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