#newsrw: Will Lewis’ new Telegraph division to develop new products and revenue

NMA’s Suzanne Bearne has an interview with Telegraph editor-in-chief and newly appointed head of its ‘entrepreneurial division’, Will Lewis.

In the piece at this link, Lewis outlines how the new division based in Euston rather than Victoria will act as development space for products and revenue-generating ideas:

“It’s about setting up a new base camp and being able to draw on the resource here in Victoria and to use the brand if we choose and to use the content if we choose as well. While innovation continues in Victoria, we will take a different path to hunt down digital revenues in the new operation in Euston.

“We’ve been doing quite a lot of intensive preparation for this, so we’ve got strong ideas we want to follow. Euston is going to be delivering a range of new products and services right from the get-go next year. It’s not a lab, it’s a doing place.”

Read the full NMA interview here.

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