February 2018

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Get the low-down on TicToc, the live global news network by Bloomberg

From social media to publishers’ own websites, online livestreaming is a popular format, allowing audiences a glimpse of places and stories they would otherwise not experience in real time. TicToc, the first and only global news network streaming live on Twitter, will join Facebook and Reuters at next week’s newsrewired to explore best practices for […]

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Facebook joins the livestreaming panel at next week’s newsrewired

From social media to publishers’ own websites, online livestreaming is a popular format, allowing audiences a glimpse of places and stories they would otherwise not experience in real time. Rich Evans, a strategic partnership manager for Facebook and Instagram, will join our ‘Live video online’ panel at newsrewired next week, to give delegates an insight […]

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BBC News Labs to share insights about news on voice-controlled devices at newsrewired

The Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are finding their place into people’s homes, helping with various organisational tasks, playing music, giving updates about the weather and… delivering the news. So what kinds of news stories do people want from Alexa, and to what extent do they interact with the experiences presented to them by these […]

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How audio journalism can boost engagement

“One important takeaway for the team since launching NOA is that our users will happily listen at length to stories that provide them with added narrative. In fact, the data indicates that our listeners love opinion and analysis style pieces. (Many of them have also told us as much.)

“Their relationship with news, however, is one of lower engagement. A news-centric headline is unlikely to attract as much traffic on the app. And this is despite the fact that turnaround times during our morning and evening recording sessions are often as low as 30 minutes.

“Today, news has turned into a commodity that competes on both timeliness and cost. While this is a market segment that publishers must serve, the successful players will marry this coverage with stories that go beyond the headline to provide insight and perspective (the ‘oh, wow’ or ‘I never thought of it like that’ factors).”

Gareth Hickey is co-founder and chief executive of NOA, a Dublin based audio-journalism company that transforms articles from some of the world’s leading publishers into professionally narrated, spoken word stories. He will speak at newsrewired on 7 March.

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Speakers from Quartz and NOA join us at newsrewired in March to discuss news on voice devices

As more people welcome virtual assistants into their homes, will voice-controlled devices become a key platform for storytelling and news distribution?

We’ll be discussing the potential of these technologies in an afternoon session at our upcoming newsrewired digital journalism conference, taking place on 7 March in London.

Today, Journalism.co.uk is pleased to announce two more speakers joining the panel to talk voice AI.

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New talk and demo at newsrewired: A news game in virtual reality

Have you ever tried a news game in virtual reality? We’ve got you covered!

At newsrewired, Bianca Wright of Coventry University will share insights into the creation of a VR news game about the Coventry Blitz.

The experience places viewers in the shoes of firefighters attempting to extinguish the blaze at Coventry Cathedral during the Blitz.

Bianca and her team will also demo the experience to delegates interested in trying out a VR news game for themselves.

Newsrewired takes place on 7 March at Reuters in Canary Wharf, London, and tickets are still available for £180+VAT.

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Newsrewired masterclass: The resurgence of email newsletters ?

The agenda for the newsrewired conference, taking place on 7 March at Reuters in London, is shaping up quickly and today we are pleased to add a new lunchtime masterclass to the programme. The workshop is hosted by newsrewired supporters Revue, who help tens of thousands of people, from big companies to individual writers, publish editorial newsletters that […]

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3 tips for news organisations looking to launch membership models

Since launching in May, The Membership Puzzle Project, a year-long initiative from NYU’s Studio 20 programme and De Correspondent, has researched more than 100 news organisations, speaking to members and journalists about their expectations and approaches to “membership as a social contract”. They have found that thicker or more robust membership models, where readers have the opportunity […]

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Come and meet Garland, Samson and Winkball at newsrewired in March

When you’re not listening and participating in our panel discussions and workshops at newsrewired, why not check out our exhibitor stands, where you can find out about some of the latest tools, technology and services available to help you navigate the digital journalism industry? The conference will take place on 7 March 2018 at Reuters […]

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Newsrw spotlight: Fighting disinformation and echo chambers with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already transforming the way we live and its influence on society is only going to grow. In a spotlight at newsrewired on 7 March, we will explore how AI is currently being applied across journalism to perform a range of tasks from content creation to personalisation, and we’ll discuss the opportunities […]

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