January 2017

Posts published in January 2017

Programme updates: Lunchtime workshop and automation session

With one week to go until the next newsrewired conference, the Journalism.co.uk team is pleased to announce two new sessions being added to the programme.

The speaker line-up for our automation session is complete, with speakers from BBC News Labs, Reuters, and Quartz joining us on stage to discuss all about automated processes in the newsroom.

Google News Lab will also be hosting a lunchtime workshop in digital storytelling, from using Google Earth for journalism to when VR should take centre stage.

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New session: Kickstarting R&D culture in European newsrooms

Discussing trends and innovative techniques for digital journalism has always been at the heart of newsrewired, where the programme’s mix of panels and workshops is designed to help delegates return to their newsrooms with new ideas and practical knowledge to implement in their work.

But starting up a new project can be tricky – from funding it to implementing new workflows in the organisation, there are many factors to consider along the way. At our next newsrewired digital journalism conference on 8 February, we’ll bring together three funding recipients of Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) to discuss the projects they are currently working on.

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More speakers join live social video and special projects sessions

At Journalism.co.uk, we’re counting down the days until the next newsrewired digital journalism conference on 8 February, and we have some updates about the event this week (keep an eye out for future posts as well).

We’re pleased to announce speakers from the FT and First Draft will be joining us on stage to discuss the latest techniques in digital journalism.

Newsrewired takes place on 8 February at Reuters in London, and the agenda for the day will also cover online privacy for journalists, news games, collaboration in the newsroom, and how news organisations can tackle the misinformation ecosystem and fake news

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Keynote: Claire Wardle on best practices for tackling the misinformation ecosystem

With just over a month to go until the next newsrewired digital journalism conference, Journalism.co.uk is pleased to announce Claire Wardle, research director of First Draft, as the keynote speaker at the event, covering ways to address misinformation online.

In this keynote, Wardle will consider the whole spectrum of the misinformation ecosystem, and using research about audience behaviour and social psychology, will outline ways that newsrooms can start tackling the issues associated with fake news, hoaxes, misattributed and manipulated content that surfaces online.

Claire Wardle leads strategy and research at First Draft, a non-profit dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges associated with trust and truth in the digital age. She was previously the research director at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, head of social media for the UN Refugee Agency and director of news services for Storyful.

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