July 2016

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#newsrw round-up: Slides, audio and multimedia coverage

Journalism.co.uk’s 17th newsrewired took place last week at Reuters in Canary Wharf, London and we are pleased to have hosted so many delegates who attended the event’s panel discussions, practical workshops and spotlight talks to learn about the latest trends and techniques in digital journalism.

If you were not able to attend or if you are simply looking to refresh your memory and catch up on some of the conversations, this (lengthy) post contains slides from our guest speakers, audio from the sessions and links to our written and multimedia coverage throughout the day.

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8 tips for sourcing eyewitness media from social networks

Being an eyewitness to a news event and posting photos and information from the scene on social media can place you at the receiving end of thousands of requests from the media. But the closing panel at newsrewired in London yesterday (20 July) had high hopes that the way newsrooms source user-generated content (UCG) from […]

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How editorial analytics can be used effectively in the newsroom

Analytics can give journalists instant feedback on their work – but what are the numbers telling you about your wider editorial strategy? Newsrooms can use metrics beyond simply determining whether or not an individual story is popular and at today’s news:rewired conference, in London, three industry experts revealed their top tips for collecting and using analytical […]

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Why The Times is betting on an editions-based digital strategy

Pat Long, head of news development at The Times and Sunday Times, today outlined the new approach his newspapers were taking to online news by following a digital editions strategy. Rather than holding onto a traditional approach to publishing online news, Long said his team was mainly interested in the readers: how did they use the different […]

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As it happened: working ethically with eyewitness media on social networks

As more organisations source – and rely on – eyewitnesses from social networks in breaking news situations, the pressure to be the first to publish a photo or video can result in journalists bombarding people in potentially dangerous situations with requests. The closing panel of the news:rewired conference, today in London, explored how newsrooms approach […]

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Five trends worth watching in mobile-first news

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism recently released three reports on trends in news consumption, and research associate Nic Newman says the principal takeaway is that journalism is “a much more complicated world” than it used to be. What’s clear is that the consumption of news via a mobile phone in the UK is rapidly becoming the […]

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Insider tips for higher quality data journalism

Data journalism has been a media buzzword for a while. Despite the fact, a lot of tasks are computerised, it remains a difficult discipline for reporters to master. At the news:rewired conference, today in London, Helena Bengtsson, data projects editor with The Guardian, Martin Stabe, head of interactive news with the Financial Times, and Sophie Sparks, […]

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As it happened: covering the refugee crisis in the age of social media rumours and viral stories

To cover the complex issue of the refugee crisis, newsrooms need a mixture of on the ground reporting and creative approaches on social media. In this session of the news:rewired conference, BuzzFeed reporter Rossalyn Warren explained why anti-refugee stories often go viral, how to de-bunk fake stories, and how BuzzFeed has found innovative ways to […]

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Five top tips for a successful, monetised, investigative podcast

The success of Serial – and the mobile-friendly nature of podcasts – has put the medium back on the map for many media organisations. During a session at the news:rewired conference, today in London, freelance investigative journalist Maeve McClenaghan (above, right) outlined her top tips for a successful, monetised investigative podcast:

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