Top tips and resources for creating powerful online video journalism

Reuters social media editor Anthony De Rosa’s presentation being filmed at the last news:rewired conference

Ahead of news:rewired – media in motion next month, where one of the sessions will focus on online video journalism, this post offers some background reading on the subject, as well as a handful of expert tips/resources for producing top-notch footage.

The news:rewired panel will feature Christian Heilmann of Mozilla Popcorn; Adam Westbrook, multimedia journalist, blogger and lecturer and Josh de la Mare, editor of video, Financial Times.

There are plenty of resources online offering useful tips on producing different styles of video – in fact many of those are to be found on speaker Adam Westbrook’s blog. Here are just some of his useful posts:

Adam also produced a how-to for, outlining how to make online video storytelling work, using an example of his own work.

Another speaker on the panel will be Christian Heilmann who will discuss Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker. As this post explains, Popcorn Maker, which was launched last year at the Mozilla Festival, enables users to add external content, such as tweets, Flickr images, maps, videos from YouTube or Vimeo – without the need for coding.

More online video journalism resources/topical posts:

One of the main questions for publishers is what sort of video will be appealing to readers. In the video below by (itself a great example of online video publishing), Ann Derry, editorial director for video and television for the New York Times and Shawn Bender, editorial director for video for the Wall Street Journal online, answer the question: “Why do visitors hit the play button?”.

The video is at this link and below.

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