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“Diversity is not about political correctness. It’s about quality journalism”

Lack of diversity in the newsroom, biased reporting and dipping trust in the media have all been hot topics for the past few months.

But how can we ‘unbias’ the news? In a Journalism.co.uk podcast, Tabea Grzeszyk, CEO and co-founder of the collaborative network for journalists Hostwriter, tries to answer that question in a new book called Unbias the News: Why diversity matters for journalism.

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BBC Local News Partnerships: collaborating with regional titles strengthens both local and national news agenda

by Hannah Wilson Journalism and life very much happens outside of the capital. That was the message from Matthew Barraclough, head of BBC Local News Partnerships (LNP), speaking at newsrewired (6 March 2019). While here in the UK, Westminster is responsible for the laws that govern us, Barraclough said it is stories with proximity and […]

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Press Association’s news service RADAR has written 50,000 individual local news stories in three months with AI technology

  The Press Association’s latest news service RADAR — ‘reporters and data and robots’ — uses those three ingredients to write local news stories at a frequency and precision impossible otherwise. Launched in December 2017 with Urbs Media and a €150m injection from Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, the AI technology uses publicly […]

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Panels By Getty Images: The AI technology that suggests images by ‘reading’ your story

Struggling to find the right picture for your piece on deadline? Getty Images have introduced new artificial intelligence technology to save you from trawling through image sites. Speaking at newsrewired (7 November) Benjamin Beaven, business development manager, Getty Images, explained that ‘Panels by Getty Images’ can be a newsroom’s best friend when up against the […]

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Cybernetic newsroom: Why Reuters is marrying human and robot journalism

Reuters is driving its journalism with human judgement and machine capability, using AI tools News Tracer and Linx Insight, explained Reg Chua, executive editor, Reuters at newsrewired today (7 November). The ‘cybernetic newsroom’, as he described it, relies on the combined strength of humans and machines alike, bringing out the best in each other. Lynx […]

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Top stories straight to your phone’s homepage: How one local news organisation reaches audiences through WhatsApp broadcasts

While Facebook may be depriorisiting news on the News Feed, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a ‘back to basics’ alternative for news organisations, says Natalie Fahy, digital editor, Nottinghamshire Live speaking at newsrewired (7 November). Fahy said Nottinghamshire Live has been using WhatsApp as an avenue to for local news audiences to sign up for daily alerts […]

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