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#newsrw: Three key social media tips from the New York Times’ Liz Heron

| February 3, 2012 – 11:22 am | 7,987 views
liz heron

Social media editor of the New York Times Liz Heron at news:rewired – media in motion: “Be strategic, be different, and strive for meaningful interactions – don’t be content to skate on social media’s surface”

New York Times social media editor Liz Heron to give news:rewired keynote

| January 10, 2012 – 11:52 am | 5,038 views

Liz Heron, social media editor of the New York Times will give the keynote address at news:rewired – media in motion.

There will also be speakers at the conference, which is on the latest trends in digital journalism, from the BBC, Sky News, ITV News, Mozilla, MSN, Guardian, Times, Financial Times, Economist, AFP, Wired.co.uk, Wired.com, Trinity Mirror, Manchester Evening News, Future Publishing, Factory Media, SoundCloud and BreakingNews.

Nieman: The NYT joins with YouTube and Storyful for 9/11 video reflections

| August 31, 2011 – 11:17 am | 4,683 views

The New York Times is collaborating with YouTube and curation platform Storyful in a bid to collect videos from the public answering questions about what 9/11 meant to them