Presentations: Long-form digital journalism session at #newsrw

One of the sessions at news:rewired – digital stories looked at the opportunities for long-form journalism, including investigative reports published to e-readers and video documentaries. Speakers discussed revenue models, allowing delegates to learn from their experiences of what does – and what doesn’t – make long-form journalism pay.

The speakers were: Bobbie Johnson, co-founder, Matter; Alex Miller, executive editor of VICE UK; Simon Frantz, deputy editor of BBC Future, a project from the commercial arm of the BBC; Patrick Hussey, digital lead, Aeon magazine. It was moderated by Kathryn Corrick, training business manager, Open Data Institute.

Here are slides from Bobbie Johnson, co-founder, Matter

Alex and Patrick did not use slides. We will update this post if we get permission to post Simon’s slides.

Links to coverage of the session:

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