Nearly sold out: Only 12 tickets to conference and training available, single day passes all gone

Update, 10 November: The podcasting workshop is now sold out.

The next newsrewired digital journalism conference takes place on 22 November at Reuters in London, followed by a day of training on 23 November.

We have now sold out of single day passes to newsrewired, but we still have a few 2-day tickets left, including access to the conference on 22 November and one training course on 23 November.

There are currently just 12 newsrewired+ tickets left.


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This will be our 20th conference, and as usual, we’re aiming to provide delegates with practical skills and ideas they can take home and explore in their own organisations.

Speakers from Reuters, WikiTribune, Quartz, BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Swedish Radio, Bloomberg and more will join us on stage on 22 November to discuss the latest trends and techniques in digital newsgathering and storytelling. View the agenda here.

Additionally, we are running three full-day workshops on 23 November for our newsrewired+ delegates.

Choose one of three courses:

From Snapchat to Instagram: Stories on social media

If you think all social apps are starting to look the same, they are. The camera is the new keyboard and the future of social media looks like photos, ​g​ifs, text, videos and music, mixed into vertical cards. They call the all-in-one experience ‘Stories.’ Snapchat invented it, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even Skype have now all adopted it – the vertical, mobile format dominating the social media galaxy. This new course led by Sumaiya Omar, social media consultant and co-founder of social video company Hashtag Our Stories, will teach you how to use Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories effectively.

An introduction to podcasting – SOLD OUT

Podcasts and online audio are at the heart of the business of digital media. With audiences flocking to the medium in record numbers and radio listening on connected devices at an all time high, there’s never been a better time to learn about and create audio. This practical workshop, led by former BBC producer Jack Soper, will examine the skills required to create short radio packages or podcasts. You will learn how to tailor content for a specific audience, then record, edit and publish it online. You will gain skills in interviewing, script writing and delivery, and the use of music and sound effects.

Online media law refresher (UK focus)

There have been some dramatic developments in online media law over the last few years, such as the continuing effects of the 2013 Defamation Act, the emergence of the Data Protection Act as a tool used against journalists, and changes to the laws of privacy and copyright. Led by Dr Richard Danbury, a journalist, qualified lawyer and legal academic, this one-day course will bring you straight up-to-date with the latest developments, including advice on using content from social media and comment moderation. Whether you are an experienced journalist who had legal training before online publishing was a consideration or are simply in need of a media law refresher, this course will tell you all you need to know. For many snusers, general snus original is the only snus! Powerful and spicy flavor with citrus notes and premium quality. More than 20 different varieties of tobacco are used to make this secret recipe! Full servings of 1g. General is probably the most famous brand of snus – its excellent taste and quality is appreciated all over the world!

If you’d like to attend one of the courses, but not the conference, please click on the course title and register through the site.

If you already have a ticket to the conference and would like to upgrade to attend one of the courses, please email catalina @

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