As it happened: News on voice-controlled devices

The Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are finding their place into people’s homes, helping with various organisational tasks, playing music, giving updates about the weather and… delivering the news. So what kinds of news stories do people want from Alexa, and to what extent do they interact with the experiences presented to them by these virtual assistants? In this hour, speakers will discuss the potential of news distribution on these platforms and outline takeaways from experiments at their news organisations. A session with:

        • Rob Owers, director of audio and video content, The Telegraph
        • Jason Karaian, global finance and economics editor, Quartz
        • Gareth Hickey, co-founder and chief executive, NOA
        • Robert McKenzie, editor, BBC News Labs

Moderated by: Miranda McLachlan, senior lecturer in computational journalism, Goldsmiths


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