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As it happened: News on voice-controlled devices

The Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are finding their place into people’s homes, helping with various organisational tasks, playing music, giving updates about the weather and… delivering the news. So what kinds of news stories do people want from Alexa, and to what extent do they interact with the experiences presented to them by these […]

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As it happened: Audience engagement: Practical applications beyond buzzwords

This session, powered by Google’s Digital News Initiative, will explore some of the metrics and audience insights powering engagement initiatives at media organisations, and ways to turn these from numbers on a screen to products and services that readers, viewers and listeners will use and that will also benefit the business. Vaikų vasaros stovyklos Kaune, […]

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As it happened: The changing relationship between media organisations and their audiences

The closing panel looks at the various ways in which news organisations have changed the way they work with their readers or involve them in the research or reporting process, from producing or peer-review stories, to fact-checking, investigating and engaging on social media. A session with: Lilah Raptopoulos, community editor, Financial Times Jessica Best, engagement editor, De Correspondent Sarah […]

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