Can AI replace editors in the newsrooms?

“When you think about a creative process of selecting an image to match a story, it’s a much harder problem to try to solve with computers,” said Getty Images senior vice president of data and insights Andrew Hamilton in an interview with

But having developed an artificial intelligence-powered picture editor that chooses the right imagery for your story after “reading” your article — just as a human picture editor would — is it time to give robots a place in your newsroom?

Join us on 7 November 2018 in London, UK, and learn about the latest advancements of AI-powered technologies in the newsroom.

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New speaker announcement

Benjamin Beavan, data and insights development at Getty Images, will be joining Pete Clifton, editor-in-chief at Press Association, looking at some of the most innovative ways of using AI tools in the newsroom. They will discuss how technology can help reporters process masses of data, spot patterns and gain story leads based on trends.


Other panels and talks include


Getting Generation Z engaged with the news

This panel will explore what the younger generation (13-24), who never knew life without smartphones, wants from news organisations. Getting them engaged with your brand and making them stay is key to get ahead of your competition.


Beyond the Facebook News Feed: New social media strategies for content sharing

Although Facebook demoted news in its feed, appetite for sharing news stories doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This panel will look at how news organisations are using chat apps and social media groups to share their content.


Memberships in news organisations – lessons from the Guardian

Learn about successful membership strategies and how they can contribute to your organisations’ revenue stream from Amanda Michel, deputy membership editor, the Guardian.


The event will kick off with a keynote speech from Sarah Marshall, head of audience growth at Vogue International, who will share her best tips on growing your audience and spotting new trends
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On 6 November, newsrewired+ delegates can choose to attend one of two full-day workshops to further develop practical digital journalism skills: Audio storytelling bootcamp and Using a smartphone to build social media presence.

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