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How changing a business model can help future-proof news organisations

The decline in advertising revenue was one of the major factors leading to the closure of many local newsrooms. Although the media industry is yet to find a sustainable model for financing local journalism in the digital age, a number of new initiatives suggest that adopting a new business model can help solve some of the challenges.

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Hackastory’s Albertine Piels on why ‘digital-first is outdated’

Forget digital-first; build an audience-first strategy instead – this was the message from Albertine Piels, director of journalism innovation agency Hackastory at July’s newsrewired conference. “If we want to make an impact, we shouldn’t talk about print versus digital or desktop versus mobile. We need to talk about your audience and how they behave,” she said. Walking […]

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Why The Times is betting on an editions-based digital strategy

Pat Long, head of news development at The Times and Sunday Times, today outlined the new approach his newspapers were taking to online news by following a digital editions strategy. Rather than holding onto a traditional approach to publishing online news, Long said his team was mainly interested in the readers: how did they use the different […]

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Insider tips for higher quality data journalism

Data journalism has been a media buzzword for a while. Despite the fact, a lot of tasks are computerised, it remains a difficult discipline for reporters to master. At the news:rewired conference, today in London, Helena Bengtsson, data projects editor with The Guardian, Martin Stabe, head of interactive news with the Financial Times, and Sophie Sparks, […]

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