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As it happened: Data-inspired stories session at news:rewired

| April 19, 2013 – 11:54 am | 2,907 views

This session at news:rewired took a detailed look at data-driven storytelling, from finding sources of data and sorting the content, through to uncovering the stories within.

Those who took part were Claire Miller, data journalist, Media Wales; Deborah Cohen, investigations editor, British Medical Journal; Antonio Acuña, head of data.gov.uk, Cabinet Office; and Emily Cadman, head of interactive, Financial Times discuss using data as a source of stories.

#newsrw – Mobile publishing: How and when to publish for mobile devices

| July 13, 2012 – 5:02 pm | 3,707 views

Subhajit Banerjee, mobile editor, Guardian; Robert Shrimsley, managing editor of FT.com; Peter Bale, vice president and general manager of CNN International Digital, (who will be speaking about Zite); Kate Milner, mobile product manager, BBC News discuss the thinking behind pushing out content across devices.

LIVE: Session 1A – Online video

| February 3, 2012 – 11:21 am | 4,260 views

Most publishers will have at least dipped their toe into the pool of online video, but what does it take to really make a splash in this area, and reap the traffic rewards? This session will feature innovative case studies of cutting-edge online video which can enhance the way content is presented and shared, as well as top tips from experienced online video journalists, publishers and those leading key developments in web-native video about the opportunities to be exploited through the online medium.

Image by jsawkins on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

LIVE: Session 3B – Collaboration in investigative journalism

| October 6, 2011 – 2:24 pm | 3,743 views
Future of Collaboration in digital Journalism-

Iain Overton, managing editor, Bureau of Investigative Journalism; Simon Perry, founder, Ventnor Blog; Paul Lewis, special projects editor, the Guardian and Christine Spolar, investigations and special projects editor, the Financial Times discuss how collaboration is key for the future of investigative journalism

Image by Holger Zscheyge on Flickr. Some tights reserved.

LIVE: Session 1A – The data journalism toolkit

| May 27, 2011 – 10:05 am | 4,389 views
News Rewired :Conference 27-5-11- Thompson Reuters,London

Follow the data journalism toolkit session at news:rewired – noise to signal with a CoverItLive blog from Wannabe Hacks

LIVE: The digital production desk

| December 16, 2010 – 2:29 pm | 4,447 views

Follow our digital production desk session with a ScribbleLive blog from Wannabe Hacks

“We’ve only just started really” Q&A: FT’s Rob Minto on data visualisation and infographics

| June 17, 2010 – 12:10 pm | 4,690 views
Rob Minto Interactive Editor of FT.com

In our latest Q&A we talk to FT interactives editor Rob Minto about interactives, data visualisations and inforgraphics, and how these new ways of storytelling are changing journalism for everyone