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#newsrw: BBC News sends 80,000 readers a month to Mail Online

Steve Herrmann, editor of BBC News, told’s news:rewired – connected journalism conference, held today (Thursday, 6 October) at MSN HQ in London that the news site currently generates 6.2 million click-throughs a month to external sources

BBC News is on target to double the number of links to external sources by 2013, a target set by the director general

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LIVE: Final session – The future of collaboration in digital journalism

Steve Herrmann, editor, BBC News Online; Anthony De Rosa, social media editor, Reuters, Duncan Hooper, managing editor, news and sport, MSN UK and Momoko Price, communications director, BuzzData discuss key issues, including adopting a ‘digital first’ mentality, the values and standards of the link-economy and the role and responsibilities of journalists and news organisation as active members of the open-web community.

This session is moderated by the BBC’s media correspondent, Torin Douglas

Image by Arthur40A on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Moderated by Torin Douglas, media correspondent, BBC.

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