#newsrw: New group set up to discuss future of news – join in!

Freelance journalist Adam Westbrook, who is speaking at news:rewired, has set-up a new meeting group (online and offline) for UK-based journalists interested in where their industry is headed.

As the UK Future of News Group website explains:

“We’re undergoing a digital revolution. The value of news has disappeared, and with it, the revenues of papers and TV stations around the world. But from all the turmoil new opportunities are emerging, if you look in the right places.

“The UK Future of News Group is for anyone interested in the future of journalism. Whether you’re a journalism student, a young journalist or a seasoned professional, the group is a place to openly and positively discuss new ideas.

“We’re not here to talk about why journalism is in trouble, or the death of newspapers, no no no. Save that for the blogs.

“We’re here to actually come up with the ideas which will determine what comes next. That could be a new news start-up, a new idea for aggregating content, or the alternative to Murdoch’s paywall. Who knows.

“You don’t have to have an actual idea to attend a meeting, but we hope eventually someone will come up with the next big thing!

“At the very least we hope it’ll provide a positive, open environment where new ideas can flourish.”

The first group meeting is scheduled for 7 December at a location somewhere in London (revealed to members of the group, who must sign-up online). hopes to be there – especially to talk about our new event news:rewired.

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