Signal and Noise: Some quotes from news:rewired speakers

Some interesting quotes from the news:rewired speakers about the opportunities and challenges in journalism today:

Adam Tinworth from Reed Business Information said the thing about wanting to be a journalist now is finding out “about passion and enthusiasm”:

“If you’re not passionate and enthusiastic about what you’re writing about, your readers will be and they can cover your beat. You need to be passionate and add that extra thing that a professional journalist can.”

The extra thing, according to Tinworth, includes analysis, and an ability to appreciate what an exciting time this is to be a journalist.

Phillip John, from the hyperlocal site Lichfield Blog said that one day he hoped the site could produce a pamphlet to market “next to local newspapers”. He said it is important to recognise that people still want to use newspapers to learn about the world around them, as well as blogs.

However, he predicted 2010 will be the “year where we learn how to monetise hyperlocal.”

Sarah Hartley, launch editor of Guardian local said that while she would be finding out what readers want to know the guardian’s hyperlocal coverage would be within the newspaper’s tradition of giving people “access to important discussions” and knowledge of the decisions made locally that affect them.

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