Links: the digital production desk – more platforms, more potential?

We’re back with more links and resources around some of the discussion topics planned for news:rewired – beyond the story.

In this post we’ve collected some tips and articles of interest relating to the digital production desk session, which features speakers Jonathan Richards, Martin Stabe and Vicky Taylor, discussing: the move to digital platforms and production desks; the new tools and opportunities on offer and also how to apply traditional skills to the new media environment.

Importantly, we’ll be discussing how the roles of production staff, not just journalists, are being challenged and developed in the digital arena and how the production boundaries can be pushed even further.

Useful blog posts


Issues to discuss

  • How can we build on traditional production, design and art desk skills in order to produce a digital production desk?
  • How can “traditional” roles be adapted to new media and contribute their skills to digital developments?
  • With content farms maximising on the speed of digital production, how can, or should, traditional media be competing?
  • How can we develop basic multimedia through digital technologies and platforms? What’s next for online video/audio?
  • What design/graphical opportunities are there on the digital production desk, are we making the most of this and if not – what should we be doing?
  • And finally – how can we bring together the traditional skills of news production with the potential of digital and what will the future of the news industry look like as a result?

Image by Moses M on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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