QR Code Challenge partner Quark on its Digital Publishing 2.0 strategy

Delegates attending news:rewired – beyond the story could be in with a chance of winning a copy of QuarkXPress 8 (there are three copies up for grabs) by taking part in the #newsrw QR Code Challenge.

To find out more about this prize, Quark tells us more about its Digital Publishing 2.0 strategy below, which aims to serve publishers at any stage of digital publishing, regardless of their preferred application platform or intended media.

About Quark’s Digital Publishing 2.0 strategy

Quark launched a platform-independent strategy for helping publishers take advantage of Digital Publishing 2.0 for the new generation of digital devices. Marked by a move from simple, black-and-white electronic books, Digital Publishing 2.0 capitalises on the proliferation of more powerful devices with large colour displays to deliver design-rich and interactive content to consumers.

Quark offers a range of options for publishing to digital devices. Regardless of the workflow, existing technology infrastructure, target delivery channels, or platform that an organisation requires for digital publishing, Quark has a solution.

Quark Dynamic Publishing software: Quark is currently helping companies around the world publish content to the iPhone and iPad using Quark dynamic publishing software to automate the publishing workflow and prepare content for delivery to digital devices.

NewsGator: Quark Publishing System users can instantly publish newsfeed content to Apple’s digital devices through a newsreader application that can easily be created using NewsGator’s TapLynx Framework.

Blio eReader: using QuarkXPress publishers can create rich, engaging digital media content that can be published to the Blio eReader – “the most advanced, flexible, interactive and engaging e-reading application available to consumers”.

Fully customised iPhone and iPad applications: Publishers in need of an application for iPad, iPhone and other leading digital devices can contact Quark to discover what Quark customers are already doing today, what’s coming up over the next few months, and how Quark can help content creators reach their publishing goals.

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