Presentations: Collecting social conversations session at #newsrw

The first panel session at news:rewired – digital stories looked at the ways journalists can find conversations taking place on various social media platforms, discover news leads and tune in to audience reactions. It also looked at how to measure the success of your own ‘social conversations’ as a journalist or news outlet.

The panel consisted of: Ian Barber, senior developer advocate, Google+; Katie Rogers, social news editor, Guardian US; Dave Wyllie, editor,; Catriona Oldershaw, UK managing director, Synthesio. It was moderated by Gabrielle Laine-Peters, social media consultant.

Ian Barber, senior developer advocate, Google+

Catriona Oldershaw, UK managing director, Synthesio

Katie did not use slides. We will upload Dave’s slides if we get permission.
Session coverage:

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