Video and presentations: Data-driven journalism at news:rewired.

One of the sessions at news:rewired on Friday (19 April) was on data-driven journalism.

The four speakers provided a detailed look at data-driven storytelling.

  • Claire Miller, data journalist, Media Wales
  • Deborah Cohen, investigations editor, British Medical Journal
  • Antonio Acuña, head of, Cabinet Office
  • Emily Cadman, head of interactive,Financial Times

Moderator: Lyra McKee, founding editor, The Muckraker and freelance investigative journalist

The liveblog from the session is at this link and there is a post at this link.  Martin Belam has done a fantastic job of blogging each speaker – here is a post on Claire Miller’s talk, on Deborah Cohen’s, on Emily Cadman’s and on here’s one on Antonio Acuña’s presentation.

The video of the session is below. Sessions were filmed by James Goldburn and Jeremy Evans.

Claire Miller’s presentation is here:

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