Announcing the training course options for news:rewired+ delegates: mobile, social or data

Image by Mark Hakansson. All rights reserved.
Image by Mark Hakansson. All rights reserved.

As well as running our news:rewired digital journalism conference on Wednesday 23 July, we’re also offering the option of a news:rewired+ ticket, which gives delegates the ability to attend the conference and add on a one-day training course the following day.

We have just confirmed the three training courses which will be available as part of news:rewired+ on Thursday 24 July, which will cover the areas of mobile reporting, social media engagement and digital data journalism.

The three training courses to choose from are:

We will have more details on the contents of the online data journalism course soon.


The news:rewired+ tickets, which give delegates access to both the news:rewired conference on Wednesday 23 July and one of the above training courses on Thursday 24 July, are currently available at a limited discount earlybird rate of just £245 +VAT, which equals a 25 per cent discount on the training course (which each cost £200 +VAT to book separately).

However, this discount will only be available for the first 50 tickets sold (news:rewired and news:rewired+ combined), or by the end of Thursday 8 May, whichever comes first. After this point news:rewired+ tickets will rise to £300 +VAT, which still gives you a 15 per cent discount on the training course when booked as part of news:rewired+.

Book news:rewired+ tickets at this link.

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