December 2015

Posts published in December 2015

Slides and audio – Christopher Meighan’s keynote speech

Christopher Meighan, director for digital news design and presentation, emerging news products, at The Washington Post, gave delegates an insight into the outlet’s digital innovation in his keynote speech at the recent news:rewired conference. Meighan outlined the Post’s approach to making news for the mobile and tablet apps, as well as its Apple Watch presence, and the […]

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DJA manager Marianne Bouchart’s guide to sourcing data

“The term data journalist is a bit of a jack-of-all-trade term,” Marianne Bouchart told delegates this afternoon at the news:rewired conference in London. “Some call us computer-assisted reporter, journalist programmer, journo geek… unicorns. It varies.” Bouchart is communications director and Data Journalism Award Manager at the Global Editors Network – and the founder of, a […]

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Why the documentary is making a comeback with younger audiences

Sandra Gaudenzi, of IF Lab, the moderator of news:rewired’s panel on long-form video for the mobile generation, said industry specialists talked about documentaries as a dying form, but the reality was that journalists were now talking about the demand for long-form documentaries – and the genre is hip in a way that no one predicted only […]

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Chat apps: an exciting new platform for news providers

Trushar Barot worked on the launch of the world’s first news service for the WhatsApp platform during the 2014 Indian elections and also on the award-winning Ebola ‘lifeline’ WhatsApp information service. If anyone knows anything about the closing gap between news organisations and chat apps, it’s Trushar. Now, he’s the mobile editor for the BBC World Service Group and has […]

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