As it happened: From devices to communities – Connected news

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Could we make local news more relevant by using beacon technology to send silent alerts to people’s phones as they walk around town, without having an app involved? And could connected devices rebuild the link between journalism and community? Would context-aware news that suits a person’s needs based on their movements or behaviour in relation to their mobile devices at any given time provide a better flow of information throughout the day?

This session, powered by Google’s Digital News Initiative, will explore journalism projects using beacon technology and the “IoT” (Internet of Things) to develop a better news experience for readers. Travel With Girls With:

Stuart Goulden, founder, Like No Other;
Alison Gow, editor in chief (digital), Trinity Mirror;
Tom Metcalfe, designer and founder, Thomas Buchanan Consultancy;
Benedicte Autret, head of news partnerships, UK, Ireland & Benelux, Google;

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