As it happened: The Credibility Coalition

While there have been calls for an increased effort to improve the detection of and response to misinformation, doing so effectively requires a holistic approach, with reputation systems, fact-checking, media literacy, revenue models, and public feedback all helping to address the health of the information ecosystem. This session will introduce the Credibility Coalition and some pilot work: an initial set of indicators for article credibility defined collaboratively by a diverse coalition of experts and applied to a dataset of 40-50 articles on health and climate change. Find out more from Connie Moon Sehat, director, NewsFrames, Global Voices; collaborator, the Credibility Coalition.

Fighting disinformation and echo chambers with artificial intelligence

Lyric Jain, founder of AI start-up Logically, will explain how the company is aiming to improve the way people find news, and, by juxtaposing fact-based alternative perspectives, Logically exposes its users to narratives that challenge their beliefs and develop empathy between different communities. escortnavi

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