5 things you will learn at Newsrewired

With our conference just around the corner, we put together a short video that rounds up main talking points on the agenda.

Our 25th Newsrewired will, as always, feature a mix of workshops, talks and panel discussions about the latest tools, trends and techniques in digital journalism. Here are five things you will learn:

1. Why we need to diversify our newsrooms (and how to go about it)

From missing valuable stories to not representing audiences we serve, lack of diversity has a real impact on the quality of reporting. Bringing different voices to the newsroom is now crucial for the survival of our industry – join us to learn how.

2. How using AI during breaking news can help you engage and grow your audience

Algorithms help reporters sift through the data and surface what is important through, for example, real-time alerts. When delegating tasks to artificial intelligence, human journalists can concentrate on what they do the best – telling stories.

3. Talk: mobile and wearables journalist Yusuf Omar

Yusuf Omar, the cofounder of Hashtag Our Stories, will unpack how 5G internet, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will impact our lives and take media to a new world. And if he is right about the future, there will be no phones!

4. What will journalists of the future look like?

What skills will journalists need in the newsroom of 2020 and beyond? From data journalism to foreign languages, learn how to prepare your team for the decade to come.

5. How to fight disinformation

Reporting on disinformation is not good enough. We will look at the crucial role of collaboration, dangers of deepfakes and equip you with practical tools and techniques for online content verification.

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