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As it happened: working ethically with eyewitness media on social networks

| July 20, 2016 – 4:48 pm | 2,651 views
eyewitness social media

As more organisations source – and rely on – eyewitnesses from social networks in breaking news situations, the pressure to be the first to publish a photo or video can result in journalists bombarding people …

As it happened: how to make Facebook Live work for you

| July 20, 2016 – 4:13 pm | 2,971 views

In this practical workshop, Karla Geci, from Facebook’s strategic partnerships division, shared key insights and advice about how journalists can use Facebook Live to produce engaging livestreams and reach a wider audience.

As it happened: why The Times is betting on an editions-based digital strategy

| July 20, 2016 – 2:50 pm | 2,550 views
Pat Long

In this session of the news:rewired conference, Pat Long, head of news development, The Times and The Sunday Times, explained the title’s new digital publishing model and how that works in practice in the 24/7 breaking news environment the …

Spotlight talk as it happened: the success and challenges of AJ+, and its new distributed news strategy

| July 20, 2016 – 10:52 am | 2,144 views
Ousama Itani

Ousama Itani is a senior officer for strategy and development with Al Jazeera, where he researches and experiments with the use of new and alternative technologies in the media industry, including digital-first content and future audio formats.
In this …

Keynote as it happened: Where’s the value for publishers in interacting with communities?

| July 20, 2016 – 9:24 am | 2,017 views
Kristen Taylor ii

In the opening keynote, Kristen Taylor, audience development specialist, shared insights into her work as community editor on the second season of Serial, managing the podcast’s following and social media presence. She also talked about what …

As it happened: The value of 360-degree video

| March 16, 2016 – 3:10 pm | 3,055 views

360-degree video has been one of the stand-out formats to emerge in 2015, as more social networks start to support it and new, accessible cameras hit the market. What value can it bring in the …

As it happened: Online video at The Economist: How to train the voice of a 173-year-old to speak social

| March 16, 2016 – 3:00 pm | 2,917 views

Adam Smith, deputy community editor at The Economist, will give attendees an insight into the process of creating social-ready videos that also match the organisation’s legacy.

As it happened: Press play: What works in online video?

| March 16, 2016 – 9:00 am | 5,754 views

Publishers are now competing for attention with services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video – so what are the best news video formats to engage your audience?This ‘in-depth’ session will explore production techniques and strategies …

As it happened: How can robot journalists help the media?

| December 1, 2015 – 5:11 pm | 2,494 views

News outlets have started experimenting with the process of automation in the newsroom. But how much resource goes into building such algorithms and is it really worth the investment, particularly for smaller or local publishers?

As it happened: The bigger picture – putting news into context

| December 1, 2015 – 3:11 pm | 2,511 views
bigger picture session

The amount of information now available on the web means news organisations have to provide context to ongoing or breaking news stories, in a way that goes beyond a list of related stories.