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As it happened: working ethically with eyewitness media on social networks

As more organisations source – and rely on – eyewitnesses from social networks in breaking news situations, the pressure to be the first to publish a photo or video can result in journalists bombarding people in potentially dangerous situations with requests. The closing panel of the news:rewired conference, today in London, explored how newsrooms approach […]

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Spotlight talk as it happened: the success and challenges of AJ+, and its new distributed news strategy

Ousama Itani is a senior officer for strategy and development with Al Jazeera, where he researches and experiments with the use of new and alternative technologies in the media industry, including digital-first content and future audio formats. In this short talk, he outlined to delegates at the news:rewired conference, in London, the successes of AJ+, the digital-only channel for millennials. He […]

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Keynote as it happened: Where’s the value for publishers in interacting with communities?

In the opening keynote, Kristen Taylor, audience development specialist, shared insights into her work as community editor on the second season of Serial, managing the podcast’s following and social media presence. She also talked about what she’s learned about community management from her previous roles at Al Jazeera, BBC, Global Voices and from founding her own […]

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As it happened: Press play: What works in online video?

Publishers are now competing for attention with services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video – so what are the best news video formats to engage your audience?This ‘in-depth’ session will explore production techniques and strategies behind interactive web documentaries, making on-demand video for multiple platforms, and striking the balance between TV and digital. Играчи от […]

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