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Cybernetic newsroom: Why Reuters is marrying human and robot journalism

Reuters is driving its journalism with human judgement and machine capability, using AI tools News Tracer and Linx Insight, explained Reg Chua, executive editor, Reuters at newsrewired today (7 November). The ‘cybernetic newsroom’, as he described it, relies on the combined strength of humans and machines alike, bringing out the best in each other. Lynx […]

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Top stories straight to your phone’s homepage: How one local news organisation reaches audiences through WhatsApp broadcasts

While Facebook may be depriorisiting news on the News Feed, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a ‘back to basics’ alternative for news organisations, says Natalie Fahy, digital editor, Nottinghamshire Live speaking at newsrewired (7 November). Fahy said Nottinghamshire Live has been using WhatsApp as an avenue to for local news audiences to sign up for daily alerts […]

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