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Mobile storytelling tips from CNN

When producing stories for mobile audiences, journalists must consider which platform best suits the content, according to CNN International’s digital producer. Speaking at news:rewired in London today, Eliza Mackintosh discussed mobile-first journalism and shared her insights into producing content designed with a mobile audience in mind. During Mackintosh’s coverage of the London Bridge attacks last […]

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Tips from The Economist and Bloomberg on how to maximise newsroom experiments

Most journalists appreciate the need to keep abreast of technological changes, but with so many other priorities in the newsroom how do you make sure you’re not wasting time?

Speaking at news:rewired today, The Economist’s Bo Franklin and Bloomberg’s Kevin Young shared advice on how to make newsroom experimentation more productive in the long run, including tips on repackaging archive content and curating newsletters.

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How WikiTribune is aiming to combat trust issues in journalism

WikiTribune is the latest weapon in the fight against fake news, with the news organisation striving to earn readers’ trust with evidence-based journalism. Professional journalists work alongside citizen journalists, with stories initially checked by the site’s editors and rechecked by its Community members, which includes everyone from teachers to diplomats. Peter Bale, launch editor at […]

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