#newsrw: Student online enthusiasts will probably end up in the mainstream, says @timesjoanna

By Heather Christie Journalism students seeking employment at online media companies are in fact more likely to find a job at a mainstream print news organisation than their peers who desire only a traditional career, says Joanna Geary, web development editor for the Times. Speaking on Tuesday at a panel hosted by City University’s School […]

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#newsrw: Is Google helping publishers restrict news content access?

By Judith Townend, senior reporter, It doesn’t sound likely but it’s true: Google is helping publishers restrict user access to news content. But it only affects those publishers who are behind pay walls and also want to be indexed by Google. Google has updated its ‘First-Click-Free’ system allowing subscription/registration publishers to restrict users’ free […]

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#newsrw: Brightcove’s new release – video gets personal

This week video technology firm Brightcove, which already supplies players for the website of Channel 4 and, launched a new service aimed squarely at individuals and smaller video news organisations.

Brightcove Express will cost $99 a month for 50 videos a month, 40 GB and 1 user having access to the technology behind the player.

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