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WATCH: Virtual reality should be approached with ‘cautious enthusiasm’

Edward Miller, entrepreneur and head of visuals at, was on the panel discussing virtual reality in news at last week’s events.

In the video below, he explains why news organisations should be cautious when approaching virtual reality, why it might work better for ‘slow’ rather than breaking news and how it differs from 360-degree videos.

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How journalists are using virtual reality for news

“It’s absolutely nuts, it’s an incredible experience,” said Alex Wood, editor in chief of The Memo, at news:rewired in London.

He was talking about the experience of virtual reality. Since Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion (£1.3bn) last year, it is clear how seriously technology giants are taking this new medium. Samsung, HTC and Google have developed their own headsets with the Google Cardboard available for around £10.

Experts in the emerging field of virtual reality shared their thoughts and work on how the medium can be an effective journalistic tool.

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